The RFL tour will be officially named “The Tom Van Vollenhoven 75th anniversary tour”. The S.A.R.L have requested this to celebrate Tom's 75th birthday, our first game will be played at Tom's club and the team that we are playing will be wearing the 1966 St Helens Wembley winning shirts, I have asked Brian Bradshaw to do a copy of the photo of Tom and Billy B so that I can get B.B to sign it , I will frame it and present it to Tom on behalf of St Pats. I will try to get a photo of the presentation to put on show in our club.

St. Pats representatives are;

Jim Taylor; Head coach

Dave Ruddy; Asst. coach

Norman Parry; Asst. physio

Anthony Atherton. Squad member to travel

Anthony Gallear . squad member on stand by (will not travel, unless brought in to cover any eventualities)

Update provided by Jimmy Taylor.