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1. Photographic & Images Policy

The RFU and Wilmslow Rugby Club positively encourages parents and spectators to take photographs of participants involved in rugby union to celebrate the ethos and spirit of the sport. It is, however vital to ensure that all photography and recordings taken within the club environment is done so appropriately. This Policy is in compliance with the RFU Safeguarding Best Practice for the use of photographic images and digital recordings. The key principles to be adhered to are:

1. Permission/Consent: Every Parent or carer has the opportunity to decline permission for the taking and/or publication of images/videos of a young person in their care. This permission will be requested at the start of each season as part of the registration process. Consent will be assumed to have been granted unless club officials are advised otherwise. Consent may be withdrawn by the parent/carer, in writing at any point and the club will take all reasonable steps to comply with those wishes.
If Consent is not granted, team managers and the safeguarding team must be advised, again in writing and should take all reasonable steps to comply with the wishes. Reasonable steps may include advising the parents of the squad and any opposition team officials but the ultimate responsibility must lie with the parent/carer who should supervise the child at all times during the games and remove them from any situation they are not comfortable with. Care should be taken not to inadvertantly identify these individuals when applying this process.

2. Publication and Sensitive Information: Publication should not be done in such a way that a young person is identified on any image. Images should be published without any accompanying sensitive, personal details. Such information may include, but is not limited to, an image of a players parent or carer, the players full name, age, address, email details, telephone numbers or similar such details of the parent/carer.

3. Focus of the photography: All photography must focus on the activity and not on any one specific individual.

4. Appropriate Circumstances and Attire: Any photography/recording, without exception, must be undertaken in appropriate circumstances and must not be taken in the changing rooms. All young people should be apropriately attired at all times.

5. Equity Policy: Wherever possible the club will seek to reflect the RFU Equity Policy. Accordingly, photographs/recordings should represent the diversity of young people participating in rugby union at the club.

6. Third Party photography: The club reserves the right to invite photographers from the local media or rugby specialist press to record club events. If it does so it undertakes that, whenever professional/external photographers or outside media are invited or commissioned, the club will require identification and safeguarding measures to ensure the images are used and disseminated responsibly. The club will not allow unsupervised access to the players, one to one photography sessions with players nor photography sessions outside of the event or at any players home.

7. Publication by the Club of imagery: The club must have general parent or carer permission to use an image of a young person. This permission will also be given as part of the registration process previously mentioned in section 1. When such permission is granted, the club may publish photography/recordings in its own materials or via third party media organisations such as the local press. Such publication of photographs will not include any sensitive information described in section 2 above.
When the reason for publication is an individual achievement (such as selection for a representative side), particular attention will be paid to ensuring specific permission is also secured from the young person to use their image.

8. Festivals/Tours: Team Managers must establish the photography policy of any festival organisers before attending. There must be such a policy in place. The club advises that the policy should be disseminated to all parents of young people selected for such events and the club insists that this procedure is undertaken where a parent of a child involved has specifically not consented to photography. Once this has been done, please refer to section 1 for guidance on Parental supervision responsibilties at such events.

9. Website & Social Media Outlets: Use of photographic and recorded materials on the website and social media outlets should always be first approved by a club media official and be in accordance with the Code of Rugby and the Core Values of TEAMWORK, DISCIPLINE, SPORTSMANSHIP,RESPECT & ENJOYMENT.

10. Reporting suspected Inappropriate Photography/Use of Images: Any concerns at all surrounding the inappropriate taking, dissemination or publication of images should be reported immediately to the Club Safeguarding officer in the first instance. They will then inform, where necessary, the Safeguarding officer for Cheshire CB (Consituent Body) and the RFU Safeguarding team so that appropriate actions may be taken.