Junior Wolves Record

Wilmslow Junior Wolves U7's - Senior Colts (2000-11)
Can you remember what you were doing in September 2000? For some young boys it was the start of a long and successful journey, What would cause a group of "7 year old' Wilmslow junior rugby players to "gel' together from junior rugby to senior experience.What was it that kept the majority of those early players together, attracting new players along the way? What "potential' could they have possibly seen on that first registration day? What would those boys achieve both as individuals and a team by the time of moving on from junior rugby? For certain they would be preparing for University, College, Work, adult life and a future filled with rugby?Geoff Crawford, "The Tall Man of Rugby' at The Memorial Ground, mentored nurtured and actively encouraged the junior teams performance over the years. The time and effort invested in those early years was later rewarded with the impressive results captured below. Standing close to 6'9", a "pillar' of Wilmslow Rugby Union Football Club in more ways than one! Geoff's own rugby career at Wilmslow started in 1986, playing as a forward in many successful campaigns with the Wolves, bringing his own distinctive style to field and bar. Geoff may not have achieved success but had a winning attitude that he imbued upon his new charges as he began his coaching career. Mentoring and guiding Angus, the middle of three boys, the Crawford's began together a new Junior rugby career at the club.The young team evolved and went from "strength to strength' all the way through to Senior Colt's level. Geoff's enthusiasm and ability to coach certainly held their attention. Playertalents are to some extent, a gift. Good character and the ability to communicate and encourage others by contrast, is not, and has to be built piece by piece with thought, choice, courage and determination. Geoff certainly has this latter talent, and actively encouraged the young players to consider ways to improve both individually and as a team. The secret being to coach their individual talents, ensuring they were able to make sound game decisions on the pitch and execute game plans successfully. With this confidence and a pride in being a member of WRUFC success, anda lot of fun along the way, was clearly going to follow. Success led to more success and the team flourished. From 2000 to 2011 a nucleus of some 9/10 players have remained loyal and committed as the engaged on a journey that created many a story!! The Coaching team increased initially with Peter Stern, Roy Forsyth, later followed by Stephen Taylor, Nick Jones and Tim Street (Also an able "Team Admin'). Helen Marsh also providing valuable much-needed First-Aid on the touchline. Parents and volunteers have also contributed along the way through through kitchen duties, fetching and carrying (including Kendal), and supporting from the sideline.The Team and individual player achievements are impressive. The development of this team through the ranks of the junior section at Wilmslow has resulted in one of the most successful junior team ever seen at WRUFC (Dare we say......Since records began!!). The results are astounding to say the very least and are captured below. Let the record be motivation for future Junior Wolves.

Team Honours
2000-01Stockport RUFC Under 8's Festival /Tournament Winners
2001-02Under 9's Cheshire Cup WinnersRochdale RUFC Festival /Tournament WinnersNottingham RUFC ¼ finalists at a National RFU Championship
2002-03Under 10's Cheshire Cup winners
2002-03Under 11's Cheshire Cup winnersWilmslow Festival Winners
2004-05Under 12's Cheshire Cup winnersWilmslow Festival Winners;
2005-06Under 13's Cheshire Cup semi-finalists
2006-07Under 14's Cheshire Cup runners-up
2007-08Under 15's Cheshire Cup quarter-finalistsCaldy Festival runners up
2008-09Under 16 Cheshire Cup winnersMold Tournament winners
2009-10Raging Bull Junior Colts League Cup winnersJunior Colts Cheshire Cup Runners up
2010-11Senior Colts Cheshire Plate winners

Player Honours
England RFUJack Harrison
North of England RFUJack HarrisonMax SmithGeorge Drury
Cheshire RFUEd FinchBen JonesHarry JonesSam RodmanDavid RowlandsRowland SmithBen SternSean Street

CRAWFORD GeoffHead Coach
STERN PeterCoach
TAYLOR StephenCoach
JONES NickCoach

Players Registered
Age at Registration
ALDRIDGE WilliamStockport Grammar School9
BREMNER AlasdairThe Kings School14
CABERA-DANDY MarcusManchester Grammar School12
COLQUITT JezWilmslow High School9
COX Thomas David11
CRAWFORD AngusKnutsford High School7
CURRIE AlexanderManchester Grammar School7
D'AMBRA Joseph7
DODSON Christian7
EVANS Jack WilliamWilmslow High School13
FAIRHEAD Benjamin.a.j.Wilmslow High School15
FINCH EdwardStockport Grammar School9
FORSYTHE MarkFallibroome High School7
HARISON JackSedbergh School7
HARVEY Max Frederick AlanWilmslow High School14
IMIOLEK DanielWilmslow High School17
INERFIELD JacobManchester Grammar School13
JAFARIAN SamWilmslow High School16
JONES BenWilmslow High School12
JONES HarryAltrincham Grammar School7
JONES RyanWilmslow High School17
LEWIS Harrison10
MARSH Stephen7
MATTHEWS Aman William Robert12
MCCALL Oliver ThomasWilmslow High School15
MCCALL William JackWilmslow High School19
MCLAREN Jack ThomasStockport Grammar School14
NEW Andrew9
O BRIEN NicholasCheadle Hulme School13
PARSA Amir12
PEAK AaronStockport Grammar School12
RADFORD Aidan Nicholas13
RODMAN Samuel JohnWilmslow High School13
ROWE TobyWilmslow High School15
ROWLAND DavidManchester Grammar School7
SMITH MaxSedbergh School15
SMITH Rowland AlexanderManchester Grammar School13
STERN BenjaminManchester Grammar School10
STOTT HarryWilmslow High School13
STREET SeanWilmslow High School9
TAYLOR Harvey JamesStockport Grammar School12
THOMAS DanielWilmslow High School17
WATSON Andrew12
WELLS SamAltrincham Grammar School9
YORKE Michael Stefan11
Knutsford High School