Friday is here!

Friday is here!

By Martin Rogers
8th March
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Badger returns

I apologise for being away and leaving you in the clearly incapable hands of Chairman Wow to astonish us all with his match reports.
Of which he had to report on one.
Which he got wrong.
Quite incredible.
Full marks on making a complete dog's breakfast of the task. Well done!
Anyway - normal service has now been resumed and lets have a look ahead to a mouth watering weekend of Dons ruggers!

This Saturday sees three men's matches.
The 1st XV take on Brentwood at home with a 3pm kick off. As the boys make the charge to hit the top of the table we want a really packed touchline. Make sure you are there!
The 2nd XV are away to play Richmond with a 2pm kick off.
Unfortunately due to a fairly tricky list of injuries the 3rd XV match has been cancelled this week. Get well soon lads and get your physio done and come back stronger than ever!
The Strollers of the 4th XV are at home to the Law Society with a variable kick off time - apparently its at 1.30pm now but their message board confuses me. Well - they are getting on a bit.
There is no Ladies XV fixture this weekend. So guess we will see you guys on the touchline!

Also there will be full six nations coverage in the bar and the games will be recorded so you can view them again on Sundays after mini and youth training! Let's have a properly stacked club house for beers and cheers and Wimbledon wins.

That's all from me. Team sheets below.

Big Love


1st XV:
1 Sam White
2 Joe Dale
3 James Gillespie (wear 21)
4 Alex Campbell (c)
5 Niall MacSweeney
6 Ted Bunn
7 Rich Ridley
8 Jack Cooke
9 Campbell Musson
10 Zak Vinnicombe
11 Phil Chesters
12 Freddie Hooper
13 Toby White
14 Tom Milner
15 Ben Hough (vc)
16 Jesse Muir
17 Kane Alboni
18 Aaron Booth

Touch Judge
George Beale

Hydration Specialists
Jack Flanagan
Jordan Saunders
Mike Wood

Assistant to the manager/Kicking Coach
Rob Louw

2nd XV:
1 Theo Davey
2 Dave Wayman
3 Ellis Morgan
4 Corey Lovell (c)
5 Toni Machado
6 Matt Hill
7 Harry Flood
8 Mark Scott
9 Mark Gemmell
10 Josh O'Rourke
11 Kieran Morris
12 Lee Reilly
13 Finn Taylor
14 Jay Williams
15 Matt Gilbert (vc)
16 Gus Flavin
17 Ollie Duthie
18 Tom Chapman
19 Ben Newman
20 James Jenkins
21 Nick Ogbonna

Strollers XV:

Frank Herrera
David Jenkinson
Rory Bland
Michael Simmonds
Stuart Gledhill
Leon Bird
Sam Vitty
Chris Parker
Vuyo Saunders
Reece Viljoen
Luke Clemo
Joseph Tully
Daniel Santos
Raf Verbruggen
Cyan Jeffare
George Killoughery
Rob Rainbow

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