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Winnington Park RFC is now an official England O2 Touch centre

Touch Rugby is a minimal contact sport that can be played socially by ladies and gents for fun and fitness. No previous experience necessary.

So here's your chance to come down , have some fun and play TOUCH!

Sunday mornings 8.00am until 9.15am and Thursday evenings 7.00pm to 8.30pm at Burrows Hill.

This is an all year round sport and we will swap to indoor facilities during winter if the weather isn’t kind to us. For details of all the sessions you can download the O2Touch app to your phone and register for Winnington Park.

Basic Rules of Touch
1. A Touch is any contact between the player with the ball and a defender. Minimum force is to be used at all times!
2. After a Touch the player performs a Rollball , on the Mark where the Touch occurred , gently rolling the ball between the feet. The player picking up the ball is known as the Dummy Half.
3. The Dummy Half is not allowed to score and if gets touched a change of possession occurs and the game restarts with a Rollball at the mark.
4. The Attacking team has 6 attempts or touches before possession changes.
5. If the ball goes to ground , is dropped or knocked-on a change of possession occurs and the game re-starts with a Rollball.
6. At the Rollball all Defenders must retire or move backwards a minimum of 5M.
7. If a player passes the ball after being touched a Penalty occurs for a late pass.
8. A Tap on the Mark is taken by the non-offending team for penalties and Defending teams must retire 10M.
9. Penalties are awarded against Defenders who do not retire 5M for Rollballs and 10M for Taps/Penalties.
10. A touchdown is scored when an attacking player places the ball on or over the scoreline.
11. A Tap is used to Re-start the game after a score.


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