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1. Become a Vice-President

The continuation and future success of the Club depends upon the contributions of many individuals and also the goodwill and active support of both the local community and others who love cricket and village cricket in particular.

Individuals can support the Club by becoming Vice Presidents. Maintaining, and hopefully increasing, the number of the Club’s Vice Presidents year on year is an important indicator of the continuing goodwill and support of the local and cricketing communities.

Becoming a Vice President in itself makes a valuable contribution to the Club. Although a modest annual financial contribution is important, other forms of contribution such as attending and supporting the Club during matches, providing professional and other advice, undertaking particular tasks necessary to the running of the Club and simply supporting the Club within the local and cricketing communities are equally important. The obligations placed upon Vice Presidents are minimal but the opportunities for some Vice Presidents to become more involved are unlimited.

If you would like to become a Vice President we would suggest a minimum annual donation of £20, although we would welcome contributions of any amount.

You can send your annual donation online, securely through PayPal, using a credit or debit card. Please click the link below to make your donation: