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Message From the Chair - Presentation Evevening 2020

Message From the Chair - Presentation Evevening 2020

By Darren Greatorex
16 May
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Message from the Chair

Colts Presentation Evening 2020 - a few words from the Chair.

Saturday 16th May was to be the day of the Wirksworth Colts Presentation Evening at Wirksworth Leisure Centre. Over 200 players from our boys, girls and women's teams would have come together to share an evening of celebration of 2019-20 football season which by now would have been drawing to a close. I have attended many such Colts celebrations and they have all been a joy to be part of and this one would have been no different. We are all aware of the extraordinary circumstances which rapidly saw the ceasation of league fixtures and our training but despite that I know there will still be fond and powerful memories of a season not played out to its conclusion. If you would allow me I would like to take the opportunity as Chair to look back and reflect on what we have achieved.

I would like to start by thanking all of our managers and those who support them week in and week out in running each of our squads. They carry great responsibilities. They consistently go the extra mile to ensure our players are well trained and enjoy their competitive football. Our season ended frustratingly early but this does not detract in any way from the oustanding work of this dedicated team of volunteers.

There were many highlights that come to mind when I look back on the season. I know you will have your own that will also live long in the memory. I am proud of the extraordinary efforts of Gisela Vidal and the Girls Football Development Group. We saw the emergence of a very successful under 7s girls training squad - our first ever- and the preparation for league football of a new under 9s team. With league teams already at under 11, 13 and 14 and with our Wirksworth Women's team, girl's and women's football has never looked healthier. We still have a lot of work to do but great strides forward have been taken in the past year.

On a personal level I have fond recollections of our four visits to Pride Park this season with our players variously acting as flag bearers, guards of honour or player escorts.
We never saw a Derby defeat and created wonderful memories.

Chris Winson has continued his outstanding work raising funds through his boot sales. We owe him a great debt. Thank you. Our sponsors too have played a vital role in our success as they enable us to offer football to families at what we hope you will agree are attractive rates.

A great deal of work was also undertaken in preparing for events that fell victim to the early end to the season. Our girl's and women's Football Festival and the very popular Golf Day, both to be held in June, were cancelled but not before a lot of
preplanning had been carried out. As already mentioned the same fate befell our Presentation Night with our annual raffle which helps fund the purchase of our training equipment for the following season. Although none of these events were able to go ahead they do reflect the boundless energy and commitment of so many who work so hard to make our club the success it is.

Behind any successful club there is a Management Committee that works hard to ensure our teams and players can do what they enjoy most - train and play football. Our Club Secretary, Graham Rees, has, amongst a range of other things, yet again seamlessly orchestrated the organisation of all of our fixtures. Our Tresurer, Ellen Newmam, skillfully oversaw our finances. Bob Etheridge, our Welfare Officer, ensured that all of our coaches and those working with our players, were up to date with all of the required qualifications. Darren Greatorex has developed our media presence wonderfully well giving the club an enhanced profile and an even better ability to communicate effectively. I have already mentioned Chris Winson and Gisela Vidal, our Girl's and Women's Officer, who you will appreciate have also worked so hard.

To our players and parents I would like to extend my gratitude for your commitment to Wirksworth Colts and your team. I know there will be frustrations this season - successful league campaigns unfinished, and cup finals not played - but the health of our community is a priority. We look forward to the day when we can resume playing football and coming together again as a club. Until then please try and stay safe.

I raise a glass to you all. Thank you.

Chris Whittall
Colts Chairman

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