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We've Been Busy and WE ARE BACK!

We've Been Busy and WE ARE BACK!

By Darren Greatorex
26 August
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Welcome back.

Over the summer a great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes to prepare for the resumption of training and league football which is scheduled to start in early September.

Freedom Leisure have recently reopened Wirksworth Leisure Centre which means that everyone can now look forward to returning to training. Your son or daughter's manager will contact you with the precise date, time and location of your teams training sessions but our bookings are all in place and the club is set for a return starting on Tuesday 1st September.

We have worked extremely hard preparing for this return. We have written detailed risk assessments based on the current Government guidance which have been discussed and revised in consultation with our managers. These are all available for you to read on the club website www.wirksworthcolts.co.uk
and your manager will be forwarding a copy to you of the overall risk assessment and its summary document as well as a consent form which parents must sign before your children can return to training. These are not normal times so a great deal is being asked of our managers, players and parents to ensure that we do all that we can to keep people safe. Our managers will need a lot of support from their parents who we ask to volunteer to help. If you feel comfortable offering support you can do so on the consent forms you will receive. Perhaps you might volunteer to take the register for the purposes of track and trace, or to stand on one of the two touchlines on match day to sanitise the football as it leaves the field of play or to run the line so the ,manager can focus solely on looking after the players. For our risk assessment to work the more support you can offer the easier our return to football will be.

We will be asking parents to sit down with their children to read through the risk assessment summary together and to discuss why the precautions we are taking are so important. I would add that if you feel there is more that we can do please do not hesitate to let us know by informing your manager or our Welfare Officer Bob Etheridge who has also agreed to be the Club's Covid Officer.

When you all return to training we ask players to bring their own hand sanitiser and a water bottle with their name clearly marked on it. Every player will be given a cone as their 'base' at training where they can leave their possessions. They will be socially distanced when not actively training and will be asked to return to their 'base' at intervals to take refreshments and to hand sanitise. There will also be a central hand sanitiser station at training and matches should any player have forgotten their own however what we cannot share at any time are our refreshments.


You will soon receive a Letter of Introduction and Registration Form for this season.

The club have not increased the fees for the coming season even though we know our costs have increased. Our priority is to do all we can to make football accessible to all. We have agreed to use our club reserves to cover our shortfall this season.

We have also agreed to offer a REBATE on last season's subscriptions. For those that paid full membership the rebate will be £30 and for those that paid the training only fee it will be £10. These sums will be deducted from the second subscription payment in January.

If any family would like to 'donate' the rebate we would be extremely grateful as again we will be using reserves to honour this commitment. Our subscriptions each year are subsidised by fund raising and our major fund raising events last season had to be cancelled - Presentation Night, the annual raffle, the Golf Day and a planned women's and girl's festival of football. As you can imagine the loss of these events had a significant impact on our finances.

So with a week to go we are ready to resume doing what we enjoy best and that is playing football. I would like to thank all those who have done so much in the last few months to get us ready for September. As a club we are blessed with some incredibly dedicated volunteers who make the very existence of Wirksworth Colts possible. If we all continue to work closely together I am confident we will be able to quickly adjust to this new Covid restricted world.

Enjoy the new season but keep safe in the process.

Chris Whittall
Wirksworth Colts Chairman.

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