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Withdean Youth FC - End of Season Day - 19th May 2019

Withdean Youth FC - End of Season Day - 19th May 2019

By Jason Harris
12 May 2019
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Presentation Sessions - Order of Play

Here is the order of play for next Sunday. Can you remind parents that they must stay for the whole slot to avoid disruption and to be respectful.

Please try to limit speeches and award presenting to around 10mins.

9.30 - 11.45 the main hall will be used for our sister sport and sister club 5 Ways Netball presentations. The girls will be sharing and supporting our day.

WYFC Session One - 12pm
U12 Girls - Sarah.
U12 Boys - Ade.
U12 Boys - Manuel
U13 Boys - Gavin.
U14 Girls - Nick.
U14 Boys - Luke, Andrew.
Session to be complete by 1.15pm.

WYFC Session Two - 1.30pm
U8 Boys - Sian.
U9 Boys - Dominique.
U9 Boys - Alvin.
U10 Boys - John.
U10 Boys - Joel.
U11 Boys - Fabrice.
U11 Boys - Luke.
U11 Boys - Steve.
Session to be complete by 2.50pm.

WYFC Session Three - 3.15pm
U15 Girls - Paris & Bernie.
U15 Boys - Mike.
U15 Boys - Nick.
U16 Boys - Gareth.
U16 Boys - Mark.
U18 Boys - Richard & Scott.
Session to be complete by 4.30pm.

We will create a separate post for the 3G activities etc.

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