Sat 23
South Molton
O Moyle, J Farrant, H Neath-Rogers, J Arbury
J Farrant (2)
J Farrant
Withies put on a dominant display at Raleigh Park

Withies put on a dominant display at Raleigh Park

By Adam Curtis
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The Withy Colts put on a strong display at home against South Molton to pick up an important win.

After the recent defeat away to South Molton, Withycombe wanted to even the score with a good performance at home. Withycombe started well, pressurising the South Molton defence. A speedy attack took the ball in to the South Molton 22 turning the defenders and causing gaps. 3 quick passes to the right ended with Oscar Moyle who ran the ball over the line for the first 5 points.
A second score came from deep in the Withy half as the ball was run out from their 22. A pass to Farrant at the half way line gave him the chance to make a break and started a forward run. Seeing that he was outpacing the defence, Farrant put his head down and ran the ball over the line to score Withies’ second that he then converted.
South Molton were under pressure and gave a away a penalty in front of the posts giving Farrant the chance to take the score up to 15-0. A further opportunity came just on half time for Tom Croal who charged down a clearing kick and touched down, but an earlier knock on prevented this well deserved try from counting and the first half came to a close.
As the second half started, South Molton were starting to attack with more purpose which was finally rewarded with a try.
Withies responded quickly scoring again after a cross field kick to Aaron Lee was fed back to Harry Neath Rogers to score after a drive for the line. Farrant converted to take the score to 22-7 keeping the pressure firmly on South Molton.
As the game was drawing to a close the visitors had a good spell and kept the Withy boys pushed back within their half. A knock on at the Withycombe try line, gave Withies a chance to escape. The ball was cleared from the scrum with a huge kick but South Molton came back at them. But some great tackles dispossessed South Molton and in a swift counter from the half way line the ball was passed to Josh Arbury who shrugging off tackles and chasers, broke free in a long range dart for the line to score the try of the match and give Withycome the win. The final score being 27-7.
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Sat 23, Feb 2019