Sat 27
Withies score late to win by the Moor

Withies score late to win by the Moor

By Adam Curtis
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Dawson's late try seals a late victory for the Withies against Tavistock

Withycombe travelled to Tavistock for a friendly. Neither team were at their best this week with Withycombe starting with just 16 players. 4 were injured by the end of the game after some great efforts by the forwards to gain ground and stop attacks. Both teams were playing with 12 on the pitch by the end, but Withycombe managed a good win regardless. The game opened with a Withy kick-off sending a short ball to the Tavistock defence which was quickly closed down. For 5 minutes the ball was kept in the Tavvy half until a break saw them approach the half way line. Withycombe regained possession and a ball passed out to Ben Dawson was run down the right wing past the defence to score close to the posts allowing Jason Farrant to easily convert the try giving Wthies an early lead. After the restart, Tavistock countered with an attack from a penalty. In an effort to score, Tavistock pressed hard and crossed the line but the ball was held up on two occasions. However, the third attempt was successful and Tavvy touched down to score an unconverted try. The rest of the first half saw each team working hard to find a way through until the Tavistock outside centre broke free shrugging off tacklers and he sprinted to the Withy try line from his own 22. It looked like a certain try but Aaron Lee chased him down and made a fantastic try saving tackle close to the try line causing a knock-on and a chance to clear the pressure. Farrant cleared to touch but Tavistock managed to gain possession and scored as the first half ended taking Tavistock ahead by 10-7. After the game restarted, Jake Lewis, Cameron Bennett and Josh Saunders were stopped after making significant distance in to the opposition half and as pressure was applied Tavvy conceded a penalty deep in their half. Jo Blyth saw a chance and took a quick penalty keeping the pressure up. After darting forward, the ball was set out to the right being moved swiftly through Withy hands to Dawson who crossed the line to touch down regaining the lead. At the restart, George Messom collected the ball and started running forward. Drawing several defenders, he timed his pass to perfection and released Dawson again in space to run the ball from distance to score under the posts and was again converted by Farrant. Tavistock didn't take long to respond with a converted try of their own bringing the score to 19-17. With the game drawing to and end, Tavistock had a line out in the Withy half maintaining pressure on Withies to defend strongly, but Withycombe secured the ball and spun it out wide again to Dawson who slipped passed the defenders scoring the final try to end the game 24-17.
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Sat 27, Oct 2018