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Withy U13s Vs Sidmouth U13s

Withy U13s Vs Sidmouth U13s

By Bill Roper
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Withy dig deep against strong Sidmouth side....

Sidmouth v Withycombe – Sunday 28th October (Final Score 7-6)

With our long term injuries and half term reducing our numbers to a squad of 14 versus a Sidmouth squad that was 24+. I felt we saw great effort, team spirit and determination on show this morning in what was a very physical challenging game, in terms of the fitness required and game minutes played for 14 versus the continual fresh legs of a larger squad.

We have worked hard on tackling low and one of our warm up drills, 3 pads out in a line is designed to encourage low tackling technique, coming up as a line and repetition to get the muscle memory kicking in during a game situation. We have even renamed it the Sam Undherhill Tackle Drill as he is great example of low tackle technique.

Quarter 1 saw our customary slow start and we seemed to be camped in our own 22 soaking up wave after wave of pressure from Sidmouth. Pressure that resulted in 3 trys for our host. However I thought our defence and tackling was immense during that first 15 mins and without that effort I think Sidmouth could have scored 7 or 8. Our line speed pressure and tackling seeing lots of knock ons and handling errors from Sidmouth with one of those tries an intercept it was a tight quarter.

Quarter 2 saw a role reversal with Withycombe camped in Sidmouths 22, our passing game clicked and we had some outstanding tries scored in the corners seeing the ball shipped from side to side with two trys coming from out the back door offloads. The first from Raging Bull, I’d asked him to try an offload every 3rd time he ran into contact to vary what the opposition would expect of him charging forward. His first attempt saw perfection, with Raging Bull charging down the right wing heading into contact he flicked a deft offload out his right hand, snapped up by Jason in close support behind him who fed it immediately left across the line to Stephen who passed it on in one flowing movement and the back line did the rest with I think almost every player getting hands on the ball across the park with a try in the far left corner.

The second saw our returning concussion case Harry W look like he was running out of space in the bottom right corner, as he was tackled he flicked an identical offload out his right hand to Callum running in close support, a quick side step inside to the left and a dive over to finish. We eventually scored 5 to Sidmouth's 1 in Quarter two, with Jason coming off his wing for the final score of the quarter stepping inside and out and tying several defenders up in knots giving him time to cross the line and run across to dot down in line with the posts.

The final Quarter saw us depleted to 13, with Evan off for a knee knock, and the team drained after supreme effort against a constant supply of fresh legs. Sidmouth loaned us 2 players to help me give our team some rotation and rest. The boys dug in well, but succumbed to 3 tries to 1 with Sidmouth themselves finding their passing game and getting the ball flowing out wide to score some great unanswered trys in the corners. Our consolation try came from a great rip by Ryan on half way and a burst up the wing to see him run in and score. One more effort came our way when we again managed to get the ball out to Jason on the wing only to see him run out of steam as he charged down the wing a sure sign to me of the effort the whole team had put in and just how fatigued they now were. I therefore feel the decision not to play the last quarter was the correct one, met with a chorus of discord from the boys when I told them, great to see that response and that the spirt was there but I didn’t feel the lungs or legs were and fatigue is what leads to injury and I had no desire to add to our current injury list.

Always hard to recall everything but I saw some great tackling from the Zac & Luca. Joe & Noah both having successful spells at hooker. Luke playing 9 really well. Callum G, Will & Harry W rotating well between 10 & 15. Freddie & Stephen running hard in the Centre. Raging Bull carrying hard into contact. Jason’s great wing play. Evan (before the customary bump) & Ryan making a complete menace of themselves in the ruck turning over several balls. I felt the boys communicated well and took control of making their own on field decisions, something we have been encouraging for a while.

Overall I thought our tackling was superb, our passing game really clicked in Q2 and the boys spirit and fight for a squad of 14 v 24 was brilliant!


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