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Club Fee increase FAQ

Club Fee increase FAQ

Nicolle Stride18 Aug 2023 - 12:37
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We appreciate there may be questions around the increase to the Club Fee for this season. Below are FAQs to answer some immediate questions you have.

Q: I noticed that the annual club fee has gone up this year. Can you please explain the reason behind this increase?

A: Absolutely! We understand your concern about the fee increase. The decision to raise the annual club fee was not made lightly. There are a few factors that contributed to this change. Firstly, in previous years, we based the fee calculation on 300 players. However, this year we only have 276 players registered in our database. Another factor is the change in the number of players contributing to the fee from each WCNL team, this is less than it has been in previous years, and is now sitting at 8 or 9 players per team. We also have an increase of £1,000 to entry fees to leagues across the club to include within this years calculations. Even England Netball has increased their contribution by £1.50 per adult member. All of these factors collectively led to the adjustment in the annual club fee to £58.

Q: I'm all for supporting the club, but I'd love to know how the increased fee will directly benefit us as members. Can you shed some light on this?

A: Of course! We truly appreciate your dedication to the club. The increased annual club fee will be invested in several areas to enhance your experience as a member. With the more accurate player count of 276 and the inclusion of future U11 players, we're able to allocate resources more effectively to ensure every member gets the attention and support they deserve. Despite the smaller team sizes in WCNL, we're committed to maintaining the quality of coaching, training facilities, and equipment you're accustomed to. Moreover, the increased league fees reflect the rising standard of competition and will help us secure better opportunities for growth and development. Your contribution will also support England Netball initiatives, ensuring that we remain connected to the wider netball community and benefit from their resources. In essence, this fee adjustment allows us to continue providing you with exceptional training, great experiences, and a thriving netball community.

Q: I appreciate the explanation, but I'm curious if there will be any transparency about how the increased fees are being utilized for the betterment of the club.

A: We are committed to maintaining a high level of transparency regarding the usage of the increased annual club fee. We understand that knowing where your contribution goes is important. The club's year-end finances are published at the AGM every year in August. Our aim is to ensure that every pound you invest in the club is maximized for the benefit of all members. If you ever have specific questions or would like more detailed information about the financial aspects, we encourage you to reach out to the committee. Your continued support and engagement make us a stronger and more vibrant netball community, and we're committed to being accountable to our valued members.

If you have any further questions please email us at

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