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8. ECB Guidance on the Wearing of Cricket Helmets by Young Players

In February 2015 the England and Wales Cricket Board
(ECB) issued updated safety guidance on the wearing of
helmets by young players up to the age of 18. In brief,
the guidance recommends that:

• helmets with a faceguard or grille must be worn when
batting against a hard cricket ball in matches and in
practice sessions
• young players should regard a helmet with a
faceguard as a normal item of protective equipment
when batting, together with pads, gloves and, for
boys, an abdominal protector (box)
• young wicket keepers must wear a helmet with a
faceguard, or a wicketkeeper face protector when
standing up to the stumps

With the assistance of schools, cricket clubs and leagues,
the wearing of helmets by young players is now standard
practice in cricket throughout England and Wales.

Helmets are widely available and are covered by an
updated British Standard (BS7928:2013). A face protector
represents an alternative head protection system for
young wicket-keepers. Wicket-keeper Face Protectors are
covered by a new British Standard (BS 7928 – 2 :2009).

The ECB strongly recommends that wherever possible
junior players use head protectors that have been tested
against junior-sized cricket balls.

Parental or guardian written consent allowing a young
player not to wear a helmet should not be accepted in
any form of cricket.

This guidance applies to all players up to the age of 18,
both in adult cricket and in all junior cricket played with
a hard cricket ball.

The guidance also applies during all practice sessions.
Any individual taking responsibility for players should
take all reasonable steps to ensure that this guidance is
followed at all times.

The ECB asks that the guidance is communicated to the
parents or guardians of all young players through clubs
and schools, and that young players are not allowed to
bat or stand up to the stumps when keeping wicket
against a hard ball without wearing appropriate


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