Nets are back… but for now, not as you knew them

Nets are back… but for now, not as you knew them

By Ian Burrows
9 June
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updated net usage policy

There are two important things to understand:
• We have to limit the numbers attending nets for reasons of safety
• The club’s ground at Green Lane remains locked shut for reasons of security.

With this in mind, the only way to use the nets for now, is to book in advance and attend one of the sessions made available through the Spond app.

So, make sure you have the Spond app downloaded on your phone and that you are part of the WPCC group. If you need to join the group you request access by clicking here:

Initially we hope to offer two sessions on Saturday and one on a Wednesday. We will assess demand and potentially add more sessions as the weeks go on.

Covid-19 and the safe use of nets - the basic ground rules

All attendees are expected to read this entire document before their first net session, but here are the main points:
• Numbers for each session are limited and only those who have booked in advance through Spond will be allowed into the ground, (No spectators or family members). Initially please only book one session per week.
• Only book a session if you can arrive at the start time and can stay until the end. Entry to the ground is via the pedestrian bridge over the brook. The gate will be unlocked at the start of the session to provide access to attendees. It will then remain locked throughout the session and unlocked to allow people to leave at the end.
• You must bring all your own kit, including a ball. No club kit, including the bowling machine, will be available and kit is not to be shared.
• You must not attend a session if you or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19.
• Social distancing of 2m must be observed at all times and please wash your hands before leaving home and use hand sanitizer while at the nets.
• The club’s facilities are all closed – including changing rooms, toilets and refreshments– please come prepared.
• Each session will be supervised by a nominated member of the committee who will have the final say on all aspects of safe net practice, including those permitted to attend.
• Sessions are currently only available to senior players – junior practice sessions remain suspended.


Covid net use policy

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