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WPCC - Facility Improvements

WPCC - Facility Improvements

Pradeep Khatri7 Feb 2023 - 14:11
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Facility Improvement Plans

Facility Improvements
As part of our Club Development Plan, and the clubs ambition to continue to improve facilities for all of our members, a small group of volunteers have been working on some improvements to our facilities following feedback from our members and Lions parents.

We have already made improvements to the social areas, and are now focussing on replacing the nets.

Practice Nets project

The 2 lane net bay was installed at the top of the ground over 20 years ago and is now nearing the end of its life. On top of this, with the recent growth in membership numbers in many training sessions 2 lanes simply are not enough space for the number of people (especially from our junior section) who would ideally benefit from using them, and the quality of the facility falls well below the standard of other local clubs who have made investment in their practice facilities in recent times.

We have started a project, with the backing of the main committee to replace the 2 lane nets with a new 3 lane enclosed net system .

Facility Improvements Pics

This will be a huge project for the club and will need a focussed effort to fundraise the remaining money for the project. To coordinate this, we have set up a dedicated fundraising page that will be updated throughout the year

Do get in touch if you can help with any aspect of this project.

Total net project cost: £65-£70k
Allocated funding:
Club funds £10k
100 Club funds £16k

Unsecured funding targets:
Surrey Cricket Foundation grant £10k
Other grants £10k
Just giving £10k
Other fundraising\ sponsorship £10k

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