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Club Announcement:

Club Announcement:

By Russ Cochran
8 March 2019
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Chairmans Statement


It is with a heavy heart that today I make this communication with you all to inform you that I have taken the very difficult decision to tender my resignation as Chairman of Worthing Dynamos FC. This includes a further resignation from all other capacities within the club and positions occupied, including those on a temporary basis.

This has been by no means an easy decision after many years involved with this wonderful club. It is immensely upsetting to be leaving you all.

After discussion with the executive committee, whilst my tendered resignation was to conclude my obligations up to the close of the season, it has been decided for the better of the club that I should step away with immediate effect and as such I am delighted to announce that the club is left in the very capable hands of its Vice Chairman, Kevin O’Reilly, for the remainder of the season and Summer period. I have personally worked with Kevin for many years and feel he is truly suited to guide this club forward with the ongoing assistance of the executive committee, and support of the committee and our wonderful managers, coaches and volunteers.

I have agreed to continue to offer support, as needed in the background, also.
I am no fan of the phrase ‘for personal reasons’, albeit that a number of deciding factors would fall well within the category I feel it only right to express the reasoning behind my decision.

The club has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last few seasons, and with this comes the need for much investment of time and energy in ensuring we continue to deliver the highest possible quality of training, learning and development to our players in a truly safe and secure involvement, this requires much planning and funding which I have been dedicated to providing, however, it is clear that with changes in my work life, I will be less able to dedicate the time that is warranted and needed. The Ethos has been fully delivered and developed and I am so delighted with our achievements, both as a club and as our players and coaching teams, but there comes a time when it is best to hand the mantel over to someone who is better positioned to drive the club to the next level.

This, coupled with personal reasons, whereby there is a necessity for me to dedicate more time to my family, lends itself to the realisation that the club will need a better placed Chairman for the coming seasons
The hard work, thanks to those who have supported me so brilliantly in my role, is done, now is the time to reap the rewards and truly prosper as a club.

I would, as an indication perhaps to other factors involved, wholeheartedly express my closing wish for more parents and family to get involved in this club, it takes thousands of man (and women) hours to do everything that we do, and, simply, there are not enough volunteers to safeguard the future of Worthing Dynamos FC going forward.

I would implore those who oppose the ethos, who have their own set of agendas and look to cause friction within the club to remember one very important thing: We are all volunteers, we are all trying our best, and we all have your children’s best interests at heart.
There is no greater thing than a club united in its direction and to look to influence this for gain, or to cause unrest is, frankly, sacrilege.

When I first took the role as chairman of this club I was a parent, a dad, a coach, and a friend to so many, I leave with strength in the knowledge that the majority, not the minority share the belief that at Worthing Dynamos we are one club, one family, that no one player is better than the other or bigger than his or her team, squad, or indeed the club itself.

I will miss everyone immensely, and am unbelievably proud to have been part of the best club in town for the years that I have been.

To close, I would like to thank you all for your unflinching support, and, in the majority, your kindness.

Please, even if you can only give a few hours a week, do so for the Mighty Worthing Dynamos.




We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris for all of his hard work, dedication and commitment to Dynamos over the last few years and wish him the very best for the future.
Worthing Dynamos Executive Committee

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