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On The Eve Of Our Annual Small Sided Tournament

On The Eve Of Our Annual Small Sided Tournament

By Russ Cochran
7 June
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WARNING: LONG Webmaster forenote!

Good Evening

I would like to share Something from the Mad mind of Russ, Club Kit officer and webmaster about the crazy week before our tournament and what is about to occur!

I Have taken to the web on behalf of the club as i often do in my role, not always waffling on about this and that.... except this time.

We Pride ourselves in delivering one of, if not, the best annual football event in the south and for the staff and volunteers this begins way back in early winter!

We scurry around doing little bits from the new year in preparation to deliver everything over a mere 48 hour period in June and organise things meticulously

personally speaking, I have been doing this 4 years now and have gained a wealth of knowledge in doing so, but am utterly eclipsed by Messrs Spiller (30+ years) Noakes, Price and above all of these fine gentlemen is the ever Committed Mrs Vic Sudds.

I am sure the exec will agree that we would all like to thank Vic immensely for her constant input, organisation and duty of care with handling this weekends event, i know i can say this on her behalf that it means so much to those like vic, who organise things like this, that we then had a great turn out of set up volunteers who gave up many hours and smashed the set up in record time and according to the plan.

'I love it when a plan comes together' Hannibal smith, The A-team

Extra special thanks also go to Kev O'Reilly who also made a huge contribution to the organisation of the advance preparations and setting up of the site on top of recently accepting his role of acting chairman and also managing his age range, running a business and above all his family!

Experience counts and it was great to see Club President, Cag over 2 days this week, he always shares his reminiscences so well that it feels like i was there back then even though it was my Pickles uncle and cousins who were heavily involved back then!

Lee, Our Vice President, brings THE tournament encyclopedia britannica vols I, II, III onwards! the man is a living Q&A if you ask him 'if he knows where it goes' he has already put it there!
cant fault that! he is a machine and this week i feel has kind of re-kindled his love for the club even more after a nice long time spent mildly dyna-dormant following last years presentation evening

Jon Marrett spent hours on a mower, in the driving seat without that tedious task (looks fun but isn't that great) we cannot crack on with getting the pitches measured out marked and goals put up, top work sir!

Jason Price Has a solution for problems and will always be the go to guy for tools :)
we may have had a Chucking nightmare this week but it's the next job for him if it goes wrong, can tell he is a sparky!

Nic Sudds Grafts, he already knows what to do and cracks on with it quietly, with such a big site to work on its hard to know what is being done elsewhere but one person you know will be 'on it' is nic!

Stuart Boreham, The Club Secretary has been on site and has painted the lines down to a tee, passing the mantle with bertha/bessie (argument valid) the line painting machine was hard but Stuart nailed it and cracked on despite the wet weather concerns and a missed overnight charge of the machines battery! he even helped me erect my big D....

I Saw Kev hills find the net more than his beloved sunderland and worked solid to achieve his goals! great to see dee up at the rugby club making it a partnership in football, behind every great man is...

Also to throw in the Mix i saw Brett Taylor dishing out the bins and getting stuck in alongside Fraser, Matt and a couple of other gents i'm sure they input a lot more than i just mentioned!

A lovely bunch of ladies stepped up and got stuck in cleaning everything down so we can enjoy things in a nice environment, there were so many and i didn't catch their names but thanks to you gals, sterling job you did there and worked quickly to achieve it.

Ben Young spent the day there today whilst i was running around finalising a few things off site but i know Mr Boom would have got fully involved so must mention him as well as James Carruthers, also there today!

Apologies if i didn't mention you here and you gave your time it has been so manic that i literally have mind block!

We all love this game from a shared passion and can provide an outlet for the game to take place at a great venue, whether its football or rugby you like, Worthing RFC should be commended for their warm hospitality and generally being friendly welcoming club. none more-so than Ralph who works tirelessly at the Roundstone lane venue to ensure it runs smoothly and helps us out to achieve the setting up of our event.

We all know We can complain about referees but they are doing a job, we have many qualified referees attending who would have been briefed on the tournament rules prior to the day and should demand your RESPECT and nothing more.

Coaches attending will be focused on the game so please observe that one side of each pitch will be for them to coach from, they don't need any form of distraction to them or their players by parents being over keen to tell the players how to play or coaches how to coach, we observe the Charter Standard to the Letter of the FA guidelines and will be ever so grateful of your TRUE support when playing.

We have the Refreshment tent covered, and we also owe a huge thanks to all helpers attending during the day to serve everyone in shifts, it will be easy to Stay Hydrated and please remember to keep players Hydrated, also remember to put on the sun cream if its not bucketing!

Please Show Consideration to our Parking team who will direct you to your 'spot' and remember that there will be a huge queue behind you when you are parking up so don't be the one to slow the entourage/process down!

on Behalf of our Executive committee and even more so our acting chairman
i would like to thank our Main Sponsors; One resourcing Airport recruitment Specialists and Sussex County Windows who without the continued support of, it makes it hard to conceive.

This also Goes for Our Programme and League sponsors: Paine Manwaring Heating and Plumbing, Shake it Up Creative, HLO Beauty, Kendricks, Price Jones Electrical, Mally Carpentry, SOK pro Goalkeeping Academy, Time Out Fostering, Scallywags Hairdressing, VP photography, Liming Restaurant, Ian Hart funeral Services, Granger Flooring, RGD design and print

our scorers in the score tent work the hardest to ensure everything is noted and winners are credited thats to Kev and co in there
you will find the tables online at

now there is only one thing left to do



im only a lowly webmaster and kit guy but felt something needed to be said on behalf of the club! x

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