Wyre CC Club Covid 19 Guidance for Members and Officials 1 of 3

1. Cricket Season 2020 Guidance

Wyre Cricket Club Players must take responsibilty for their own actions during this unprecidented time to keep themselves and others safe. There has been specialist advice published by the Palace Shield and ECB that can be found below.

Palace Shield Covid-19 Guidance

ECB Covid-19 Guidance

Key Points to Remember

1. All Players must be paid-up 2020 Club Members - your membership form must be completed and up-to-date via www.WyreCC.co.uk, including email address, telephone number, and address.

2. If you or a member of your household are symptomatic of Covid 19, or have been asked to isolate because you have come into contact with a person sympomatic of Covid 19, you must inform Wyre CC as soon as possible by contacting the secretary or team captain and must not play.
NHS Guidance HERE.

3. The game is being played in a 30-person ‘bubble’ comprising of players, match officials and coaches. Players should remain inside this ‘bubble’ and avoid bringing anyone else – family, close friends etc., inside the ‘bubble’.

4. Players should make their own way to grounds. Car sharing should be avoided where possible but if you must share transport, government guidance on Car Sharing is here.

5. Players should not meet at grounds before the prescribed meet times to minimise contact.

6. Social Distancing of 2 metres must be adhered to at all times while on and off the pitch, including during post-wicket celebrations, drinks breaks and tactical discussions. 1 metre plus is permitted for the wicket-keeper (when standing up to the stumps) and slip cordon, where a mask must be worn.

7. At Cottam Hall
(a) Please adhere to the Wyre CC guidelines regarding where to park and where to gather as a team. Please limit contact with the opposition.
(b) The pavilion will NOT be open, other than to access the toilets. You may only enter the pavilion to use the toilet facilities on the left hand (Away team) side. Only one person will be allowed in the toilets at once and the marked route in/out must be followed, allowing for social distancing.

8. Away Games
(a) You must adhere to the Social Distancing measures that apply at each club when playing away.
(b) Each club will have different restrictions, to which they will advise you before the game day.

9. Participants should bring their own pocket-sized Hand Sanitiser.

10. You should arrive where possible in you Playing Kit. Changing rooms are not available. If changing at the ground, public decency should be observed.

11. Players should be aware they can not hand anything to Match Officials during the game. At game breaks the ball should be returned to the base of the stumps (not the umpire). Players must leave the umpires to replace bails on the stumps and must not do it themselves.

12. No sweat or salavia is to be applied to the ball. Every 6 Overs or 20 Mins, there will be a Hand Sanitising break of 1 minute. Players should be prepared for this and complete the task quickly.

13. No Teas will be provided at any game. All Players must make suitable arrangements for their own tea and bring their own named water bottle.

14. Batters are to run in distinct running lines to ensure they are not within 2m of the bowler or other batter. There will be markings on the popping crease to identify a 2m distance.

15. Batsmen must sanitise their bats once they have left the field.

16. Where both teams provide a scorer, they should remain socially distant from others at all times.

17. In the event of rain, and overhead cover is required, participants should return to their own vehicle to maintain social distancing if there is insufficient outdoor cover. Participants should be mindful of match officials who may need to make use of limited covered outdoor space.

In summary, the responsibility is with the members to ensure that Wyre Cricket Club are adhering to these guidelines to ensure the safe return to cricket.

If you have any questions on this please contact David Lever / Chris Duffield at info@WyreCC.co.uk.