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Yapham CC Senior Team Selection Policy

Yapham CC Senior Team Selection Policy

Alex Brown27 Feb 2017 - 11:26
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With the new season only a couple of months away, the club’s committee would like to outline it’s policy on the club’s teams selection.

This shows the process that is taken to select the senior teams for the weekend’s games. It outlines the club’s philosophy of encouraging youth players throughout the senior team structure, and what will lead to the line-ups of the teams on the weekend.

Procedure 1st Team

● Team players need to set their availability each week, using Pitchero, by the Tuesday morning before the game.

● Selected by 1st Team Captain on consultation with Vice Captain.

● Selection of Juniors for 1st team on consultation with second team captain and

respective junior coach.

● Team selection published via Pitchero, link copied to facebook group/page by

Tuesday evening of the week before the game.

● Team players to confirm their attendance ASAP

2nd and 3rd Team

● Team players must set their availability for the game using Pitchero by the Wednesday Evening before the game.

● Selected by 2nd Team and 3rd Team captain with a third party who has an overview of the junior teams.

● Selection process takes place on the Thursday evening via telephone conference/skype.

● Teams published Thursday evening via Pitchero with link copied to facebook group/page.

● Players to confirm their attendance ASAP

Club Policy on Team Selection and Junior Development

● The 1st team is a beacon for the club and needs to be picked to win if you are in that team you are representing the club at highest level.

● The 2nd team is a competitive team at a lower level but aims to involve everyone and support and develop our younger cricketers in specific roles to provide the 1st team players for the future (it would consist mainly of seniors with 2-3 youngsters each week).

● The third team is our development team it has a core of 4-5 adults to support our younger players from U15/13 level to enter the world of senior cricket, the aim would be to give the majority of the team opportunities each week in the game to either bat or bowl. It may not always be about winning but instead participating in the game. Each week the vice captain will be picked from the junior selection to assist the captain in the game.

If any member of the club has any issues with the above or feels things could be done differently, please feel free to discuss it with any member of the committee, 1st XI captain Jack Holman or 2nd XI vice-captain Alex Brown.

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