Children in Need 2019 and the 1000yr old team.

By jon harrison
17 November 2019
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It took a lot of hard work and contacting from one of our vice presidents Ron Knight, he had a dream of putting out a team of players that equalled 1000 years old.
The perfect time had come 'Children in Need 2019' and there was no stopping Ron in his challenge not only to raise money but to get his team together. Ron had also done two radio interview to push what he was doing with BBC WM and BBC Radio 2.

It was the night of 15th November 2019 and people started to arrive at the club to see the success of Ron and also see some of the old boys in action. The time was 1900hrs and people started to make there way to get changed ready for a game of walking rugby on a cold bitter night. There was a smell of deep heat and a cracking of bones then from a loud changing room came a range of players from over the years, they where all wearing the famous blue and gold shirts.
As the game went on some of the players found their feet and continued their dirty ways, but we will not mention names [Dave Smith]. When the game was over the cheers went up and Ron had accomplished what he sent out to do, it was now time to get showered and start drinking and singing.

After the game Dave Smith went on to say "A great night playing in the 1000year old rugby team (combined age was actually 1114 years), we raised a few quid for children in need and met up with some old (ancient really) mates, followed by a good sing song with just one or two beers. Well done to all involved, lets do it again while we still can"

Yardley & District RFC Committee would like to thanks Ron Knight and every body involved in making this night happen, we had various prizes gifted for a raffle and also a thank you to Neil Bardon at Molson Coors Brewery who donated a keg of ale for the players. On the final count of money collected on the night we are proud to send Children in Need £735.

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