Club reopening guidelines.

By jon harrison
2 July 2020
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As you all know the club bar reopens this Saturday 4th July 2020, under the government Covid guide lines including a minimum 1mtr distancing - can you please take note of the following so we can enjoy the day and night -

1, Please note that we are restricted with numbers in the club due to Covid - club members, players, players partners, regular drinkers are all welcome please do not invite or turn up with random people who don’t normally drink in the club as we will most likely not be able to serve them.
2, There is hand sanitizer at both the front and rear door, both toilets and the bar please use these.
3, There is a one way system In place to get served at the left hand side of the bar we’re you pay and then collect your pints on the right. There are arrows and markings to show this. Staff will be taking card and cash payment.
4, Anybody entering the club will need to put there name and telephone number in the track and trace book at the bar. This will be kept for 21 days.
5, There is seating for 43 in the club and 7 benches out side. Please make sure if you are not a family that you try and keep minimum of 1mtr away.
6, Toilets are a maximum of 2 people in at any one time.
7, There is a Perspex screen between bar staff serving and people at the bar with a clear one way system.
8, Please bring your pint glasses back to a drop basket next to the bar kitchen.
9, Children are aloud but have to be seated at all times with there family/bubble.

Again please do not invite random people down as staff will not serve them and if people do not try there best to stick to the government guide lines then staff will close the bar which obviously we don’t want. Let’s hope we all have a great day and night - opening times are Saturday 12.00 till 23.00 and Sunday 12.00 until 18.00

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