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Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden

As you are aware Yarnbury RFC have had a new Artificial Pitch installed following a successful funding application from the English RFU. Prior to the work starting we removed a section of ground from the pitch and made it central to a Memorial Garden.

Several members have already been remembered and a plaque has been installed alongside a bench allowing members, family and friends to remember them. In addition, over the next few weeks we will be adding separate plaques for other former members.

The area is now available for others to add their own plaque to remember a former member, if they so wish. The opportunity is open to any member or former member of Yarnbury RFC,.

Should a family wish to install a plaque, they must first contact a Yarnbury RFC Committee member to obtain permission prior commissioning of a memorial plaque. Once permission is permitted we respectively request that the following list of guidelines are followed;

  1. The memorial plaque size is limited to a maximum dimension of 150mm x 100mm.
  2. Memorials must consist of brushed stainless steel, or bronze. No wood or glass is permitted. Materials of a plastic nature will not be allowed.
  3. Wooden crosses, railings, fences, Toys, wind chimes etc shall not be permitted.
  4. All costs associated with the plaque shall be met by the family or friends of the former member.
  5. It is understood that families will occasionally place flowers or memorial wreaths near the plaque. These will be permitted but will be removed after 28 days.
  6. The memorial will be open 365 days a year.
  7. Litter: No person shall drop, throw or otherwise deposit or leave litter of any kind within the Garden area
  8. Yarnbury RFC cannot be held responsible for the plaque once installed.
  9. Cremated remains may be scattered within the soil/ flowered area that was formally the First XV pitch.
  10. You may source your own plaque following the information given in (b) above or if you wish to install the Yarnbury RFC approved plaque, please contact