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Junior Rugby - the basics!!
Yarnbury Juniors 4 of 7

4. Junior Rugby - the basics!!

At what age can my child begin to play rugby?
The RFU continuum states ‘children can only play competitive rugby from the age of 6 Years’. However we do offer rugby training for children who are under 6 years of age and attend Primary school.

Which age group should my child be in?
Reception & Year 1 - U6’s Mini Rugby - Tag
Year 2 - U7’s Mini Rugby - Tag
Year 3 - U8’s Mini Rugby - Tag
Year 4 - U9’s Mini Rugby - Contact
Year 5 - U10’s Mini Rugby - Contact
Year 6 - U11’s Midi Rugby - Contact
Year 7 - U12’s Midi Rugby - Contact
Year 8 to Year 11 - U13’s to U16’s Youth Rugby
Year 12 to Year 13 - Colts League Rugby

When do we train and play matches?
The Mini and Junior sections at Yarnbury train and play matches on Sunday mornings between 10.00am and 11.30am. This age group is Reception to Year 7 inclusive.
Midweek training is typically on a Wednesday at Yarnbury - See individual team info on the website

Where do we train and play matches?
Home matches are played at Yarnbury
See fixture list for away matches

How long is the rugby season?
The rugby season starts in September and finishes at the end of April.

Who are your coaches?
Our coaches are have all attended the RFU coaching courses and are CRB checked.
Our coaches are parents of junior players who have attended RFU coaching courses. We have many experienced coaches who either teach PE within schools or have played senior rugby (or both!).

What age do they start tackling?
Children start tackling in the U9 section of Mini Rugby.

Can girls play rugby?
Absolutely. Girls train and play alongside the boys all the way through Mini/Midi rugby until they reach Year 8.

What should my child wear?
For training children should wear warm and comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions on the day.
Shorts, rugby shirt, thermal vest, fleece, tracksuit bottoms are all acceptable.
Players must not wear any item that is sharp or abrasive. We recommend the use of football or rugby boots with studs and not blades. Studs should be British standard with a Kite mark. If blades are used then they must comply with the requirements of the IRB (Law 4).
For matches players wear a club rugby shirt, shorts, socks and boots – Junior rugby clothing can be purchased at very reasonable prices from the club kit shop.
Severe weather clothing?
All players should come adequately equipped to cope with the weather conditions that can occur during the winter months. If players are freezing, they are unlikely to enjoy themselves and may be put off mini rugby.

Does my child need a scrum cap?
Scrum caps are not compulsory. It is the parent’s choice as to whether a scrum cap is worn.

Does my child need a gum shield?
It is advisable for children to wear gum shields from the time they start playing, even if it is only Tag rugby. Gum shields are compulsory as soon as they start to tackle. From the U9’s if they do not have a gum shield with them they will not be allowed to play. A boil-and-bite gum shield or a dentist-made gum shield are acceptable. The choice is down to parents. Gum shields can be purchased from the club kit shop.

Are rugby gloves recommended?
Rugby gloves are optional. Woolly gloves are not allowed as they are too slippery.

What does my child need to bring with them for training/matches?
Firstly your child must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult! Children may also need a drink, something warm to wear while they are not playing, a change of clothing if weather is inclement, a small snack for the end of the game.

How do the junior membership payments get spent?
All junior membership payments go towards the running and maintenance costs of the clubhouse & changing rooms.
The provision of junior rugby equipment, post match meals, team strips, training courses, festivals, end of season trophies etc. is paid for by fund raising activities and kitchen sales.

What are post-match meals?
After a match every player receives a free post-match meal. Most rugby clubs provide this traditional and very welcome hot meal for all players to enable them to warm up, re-fuel and to socialise with friends and visiting teams. Parents are expected to help out at least one Sunday per season with the preparation and serving of post match meals.

Can I leave my child in the care of the coach and leave the club grounds during training or matches?
Certainly not! One responsible adult must be in attendance at all times unless arrangements for another responsible adult to take charge, with the parent’s prior consent, have been made. The coach or manager cannot be responsible should your child need your urgent attention or for any other reasons. This is mandatory in order to comply with RFU continuum, Child Welfare and our Insurance. Going for a drink or toilet break are of course acceptable provided someone is entrusted to supervise your child in your absence or you take them with you.

Do you have any first aiders?
We always have someone on site that is qualified in First Aid. Our bar staff, coaches and many parents have attended First Aid courses which are run at the club on a regular basis. All teams are issued with a First Aid kit and we have a well-equipped on-site treatment room. If players have any particular condition such as asthma or diabetes which may affect their playing, please inform your respective team manager or coach and ensure this is recorded on your child’s membership form under the medical section.

What do you do about safeguarding children’s welfare?
All coaches and anyone likely to be in regular contact with children have to complete a DBS check through the RFU. Yarnbury has a Safeguarding officer who can be contacted via our website. We follow and comply with the RFU Safeguarding policy and we also have our own Safeguarding policy. Both policies can be viewed on our website.

To whom do I need to give the completed membership forms and payment?
Every player (new and returning) is required to complete 2 forms. These are the Roundhegians Membership form and the RFU Young Player Registration form. Both forms and payment need to be given to your child’s team manager or coach who will then process them appropriately.

When do I have to pay?
New players get 4 to 5 weeks’ trial before payment is due, although registration forms need to be signed and returned immediately. Returning players will be expected to get forms and payment to team managers within the registration period of the new season.

I am interested in helping Yarnbury further, how can I get involved?
Yarnbury junior section is run by people just like you. All our coaches, team managers, year group leaders and committee members are parents of junior players. If you are interested in helping children get more from rugby and becoming a vital part of our junior set up please contact your child’s team manager or coach.