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A Thank You Letter from Raymond's Family

A Thank You Letter from Raymond's Family

By Charlie Brownridge
20 February
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from Liz Green

Dear Yarnbury members,
Thank you all very much indeed for the wonderful letters and beautiful condolence cards you have sent, which have meant so much to my family.
Being middle aged, I can remember a great deal of my Father’s involvement with the Club. When they played on The King George Vth playing fields, Dad ran the Colts, then on a Saturday afternoon whilst he was playing, Mum (Jean) and the Ladies Committee would be running a jumble sale to raise money for the new premises.
At home in St. Margaret’s Road in the 1960’s there were always lists by the phone of fund raising functions Mum, and Dad were organising with their friends Joan and Norman Vesty and Joan and Bill Elliot. These seem such small events now compared to the YRFC Beer Festival, which Dad loved to attend and at which he could see so many old pals and reminisce.
Dad did do a lot of digging up at the Club –foundations, drains, holes for trees. Latterly, he was so thrilled to see the Covid Lockdown working party photos of the tidy up operation of the site, the new post and rails and the new entrance wall around his two redwoods. ‘Omnes Adferamus’, ‘Let every man contribute’.
You will have your own memories of my Father ‘On Tour’. All I can say is that I have found quite a varied selection of his eye opening photos taken during these trips, which I will pass on in due course. I can remember him getting his speeches translated frenetically into the local language ready for the Gala Dinner speech to be able to respond to the host in his native language.
I also remember him spending weeks perfecting his Annual Dinner speech and rolling home at some ungodly hour of the morning somewhat the worse for wear, probably having won a game of cock- a-hoop.
He spent a great deal of time writing letters to Club members if they had achieved something special and it had to be hand written, this would be more personal and imply effort. Sometimes these letters would be redone five or more times to get them just right then copy on the notice board. .. and so I could go on.
But now my thanks to you all for allowing him to continue as’ El Presidente’, for the wonderful party you gave him to celebrate his 30 years as President and for allowing him to lead the team out at Twickenham for the cup match– which after his wedding day was his proudest moment. Thank you also for giving him his own parking spot, he absolutely loved it. Though I suspect you were all simply protecting your own cars from his reckless 2nd gear driving!
I remember the celebrations for the 100 years of Yarnbury. We had stalls on the upper pitch. Dad made me run the cracked crockery stall and then mop the Clubhouse floors. It would be really nice if I could sponsor one of the events next year at your 150 year celebrations in Dad’s memory. Perhaps we could toast him with a ‘Raymondo’ – Brandy and J2O apple and mango.

Thank you all once again for your kindness, Liz Green, (Raymond’s daughter).

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