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The Yarnbury Beer Festival

The Yarnbury Beer Festival

By Charlie Brownridge
4 days ago
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Message from the club president

I would like to say thank you to each and every person who helped out and contributed to the 11th beer and music festival I would like to especially thank the main sponsor in Phil Addy and Associates along with Kirkstall Brewery. Also each and everyone who sponsored the individual barrels and ciders

The main thank you is to the volunteers who located the beers, spent a week setting up the bars, marquee and numerous tents for food and gin ! People took time off work, spent hours in the evening to ensure the success we had. I will only name one person as I am sure to leave someone out and that would be terrible....
That person is Ian Shaggy Shannon who spent days lovingly looking after the beer ! he has done this for 11 years now.

To all the bar staff catering and suppliers, again thank you greatly.

The music was just great and to see people enjoying themselves again in these difficult times raised certainly my spirits.

Finally to the very small band of people who turned on Sunday to dismantle everything and return the club to normal goes the biggest thanks of all. You were just magnificent It took 6 or 7 hours for it all to be cleared away.

It was a brilliant successful 3 days

My best wishes
David Hornby
President Yarnbury RFC

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