Membership and Registration

The clubs’ membership data has been transferred to the RFUs Game Management System (GMS), the primary platform to support the grassroots game in England. In doing so, we have amalgamated and cleaned up all the membership data we hold, so we now have a single data source where individuals can access and amend their own details and pay subscriptions online.

This includes ALL membership types, including the Vice President (VP) population.

After bar receipts, membership subscriptions are the biggest source of income for the club (£25k from all members last season). At the AGM in July it was agreed that all subscriptions would increase by 10%. Given the benefits available, membership of Yatton RFC represents very good value for money.

We are keen to make the process of paying membership subscriptions as simple as possible for members as well as who manages the process. To achieve both of these aims, we are now launching the subscriptions module of GMS to the Yatton RFC membership.

IMPORTANT: If we held your email address, you would have received this information in an email, also on which would have been a note of your unique GMS login username. When you were originally registered on GMS you will have been asked to create a password. However, if you don’t know your password, follow the link to GMS (shown below), insert your login username and select the forgotten password option to reset it.


Once you’ve entered your password you will then be directed to a page containing your personal details.

Please can you:

Check that all the information held on GMS is correct and complete, particularly your date of birth (DoB). Where we didn’t have a DoB we’ve inserted 01/01/2000. The DoB is important as it ensures you see the appropriate membership subscriptions

Link family members. For those members with children who are also members, there is an option to update family registration (linking parents to children and vice versa). If you have children who are members please can you check that they are linked to your details.

Pay your membership subs online. Select and pay your preferred subscription option by a single card payment. Full Playing Membership also has the option of payment by monthly Direct Debit.

Full Playing membership:
If you currently pay this membership by monthly standing order (an option for players who took up this incentive-linked subscription) you’ll see that we have replaced it with a direct debit option. Please note that the first DD payment will be taken 6 days after you take out the subscription.

Please Note: At the moment, GMS will not allow you to specify the date the DD is taken from your bank account. This DD option replaces the previous standing order method so please contact your bank to cancel your existing standing order.

VPs can also use GMS:
For VPs there’s an additional suggested gift aid donation. The donation option allows the club to boost this element of the VP subscription through a gift aid option. Tip: once you’ve selected the £15 VP subscription option, scroll back to the top of the page where you will see the donation option (£65 suggested) which, if preferred, can be altered once you select the checkout option)

Family Membership:
Where appropriate you may also see an option to buy Family Membership. Both the family membership products cover one adult and up to two children (there is an option to add further children for £5 each)

Any Questions?
There’s a lot to take in here so we have also created the attached set of Questions & Answers explaining GMS - see the document attached to this page.

There are a small number of people on GMS who we don’t have email addresses for. If you know of members who haven’t received this email please ask them to contact myself or Julie (for Juniors) on either or 01934 876238. Their details can then be added to GMS.

Andrew Wiggins
Membership Sec


Membership FAQs