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Rank 13
Mon 15
Yendys Neptune
Barr Beacon Shooting Stars
Yendys u14 Neptune v Barr Beacon Shooting Stars

Yendys u14 Neptune v Barr Beacon Shooting Stars

By Caroline Cunnington
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Yendys u14 Neptune v Barr Beacon Shooting Stars

The conditions from the outset were quite horrible for the players after a day of continuous rain had made the ground damp, wet and slippy. Neptune got off to a flyer pressuring the opposition and intercepting the ball not long after their centre pass. This resulted in Neptune opening the scoring. Neptune and BB remained level for the first part of the quarter however with Izzy G coming out and calling for the centre passes, Tia and Izzy M proved to be solid in defence and the ball started to travel down the court to Kitty and Phoebe who started to build a lead. The end of the first quarter 7-4 to Neptune.

The start of the 2nd quarter and Evie H was now at WA. Neptune began to get into their stride and Izzy C began to get into positions allowing her to intercept balls to start some turnover play. Izzy G was also busy chasing and intercepting balls whilst Izzy M was collecting some essential rebound balls. At the other end of the court Phoebe was pressuring her opponent and linking up well with the centre court players. Neptune worked as solid unit to pressure the opposition so much so that they were left with no passing options and the first held ball of the match was forced. Half time 16-7.

The 3rd quarter began with Evie J now at GA. The conditions on the court began to get worse as the rain which had gradually started again got heavier as the game progressed. A number of players became victims of the conditions either slipping over or pulled up for footwork. Evie Jones showed how poor the conditions were by catching the ball in the attacking circle, slipping into the post, holding her balance to then go on to shoot and score. Real determination right there. Izzy M, Tia, Izzy G, Izzy C and Evie H were a real force in defence keeping the Shooting Stars out and the pressure resulted in another held ball in our favour. BB had only been able to score 3 this quarter whilst the Yendys girls had been able to score 11. The end of the 3rd quarter 27-10.

The 4th quarter began and the only thing that BB could get from this match now was 1 point. However, Neptune continued with their resolute performance to ensure this was not going to happen. Phoebe was back at GA, Evie H at WD and Evie J at WA. The girls were in control of the game with Tia and Izzy M locking out the opposition attackers again only allowing them add 3 to their score. Neptune continue to drive the ball up court for Kitty to keep putting it through the hoop in style. The final score 34-13. UPOM Izzy Cunnington. Neptune remain in 2nd position in the League on goal difference. Well done Neptune.

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Mon 15, Oct 2018



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