By Ed Pritchard
18 April
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Garman to step down as President #alwaysarose

Be A Good Ancestor. Plant Trees That You Will Never See.

After 5 years at the helm, Eric Garman has decided to step down from his role as Club President at the end of the season. Since relocating back to his hometown from Chicago in 2011, Eric delivered on his promises to create a more professional environment within the club.

Eric has been responsible for spearheading the development of some vital relationships in the local community and securing sponsorships' with Faulkner, Tellus360 and Jack Daniels to name a few. He has also cemented non-negotiable standards within the club which will never be removed and will only continue to develop over time.

Eric, we thank you for your service and for driving the Roses forward. Your unwavering commitment has been inspiring. We look forward to working with you in you new VP role. #alwaysarose

Please see Eric's open letter to the club.

Writing to announce that I have chosen to step aside from my position as president of the Roses RFC. It has been my honor and privilege to serve as president of my club for the past 5 years, and I will miss it. During this time we have made some great strides in the club the last 5 years, both on and off the pitch. And I am lucky to have been a part of it.

First and foremost, I couldn’t have done it without the help of our coaching staff and club officers that have assisted and guided me during my tenure. So, a big thank you to all of them;


Head Coach - Kevin LaPorte

Asst. Coaches - Doug Tomlinson / Bryan Hynes

VP Playing Side - Kyle Lesher

Social Chair – Kyle Lesher / Barney Cannon

Treasurers – Pat Carrigan / John Fitzpatrick / Frank Bruno / Kenny Erdman

Match Secretary – Abe Hunsberger / Brice Ohl / Ed Pritchard

Player Res – Zach THE Beegle

Old Boy Rep. / Communications – Scott Smith / Mike Deeley

Youth Director - Andy Carroll

Elder - Mickey Capp

Lord of All Things Green – Curt Walter

HS 7’s Tournament Director - Brad Streubel

However, you aren’t getting rid of me just quite yet. I tend to hang on tight to things that I am passionate about, like a one-legged ankle tackle or one of those sticky board mouse traps. My hope is not to drift too far and continue to serve, if you’ll have me, as VP of the Club. There is more work to be done. Rugby in the USA is growing fast, and we need to continue to build and strengthen as a club less we look up one day to find ourselves left behind. And on that note, I ask for your help. As some say it “takes a village” to raise a family, it definitely takes a village to organize, execute, and grow a successful rugby club.

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