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U14 Zurich Tournament, 7th Oct 2018

U14 Zurich Tournament, 7th Oct 2018

By Paul Craig
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Scores and Scorers

Zug U14 win both matches at Zurich tournament. This was a real team effort with all Zug players playing really well at a fast pace and showing their ball skills, clever play making, fitness and stamina make them a tough test even against larger opponents. It is also worth noting that Zug players showed great spirit and sportsmanship with 6 players also playing in the Zurich v Lugano match with the same fight and skill they played in their Zug games.

Game 1 . Zug 13 - 0 Lugano
First half
1 Finlay - after 4 phases pick and drive
2 Finlay - strong run from scrum after kick-off hit dead ball line
3 Cian - Lugano drop ball on Zug try line and Willoughby and Cian combine to set Cian on long run
4 Oli - from line out Finlay strong run
5 Finlay - Zug win back ball in ruck after Zurich penalty from Andrew offside
6 Oli - 3-4 phases pick and run then Will run across field and offload to Oli
7 Finlay - scrum on right great hands through backs, Alex drive on wing recycled to Will then Finlay breaks through gap for try

Second half
8 Will - Great Defense on Zug try line, Kick and chase from Cian, support from Gabriel to retain and pass to Will for try
9 Raph L - several tackles in middle winning ball, Finlay and Peter runs through gaps, huge call for ball from Raph and sprint through centre to score
10 Finlay - Raph L and Finlay combining at Ruck to deliver fast ball and drive over, after great run by Andrew stealing at line out
11 Finlay - collects in line out and strong run for try, well supported by Andrew and Will
12 Cian - Raph carrying ball into tackle, fast phase recycling Peter takes out centres pass to Cian for try in centre
13 Oli - pass from Cian run through disheartened Lugano defence

Game 2 . Zug 12 - 2 Zürich

1 Finlay - 3 phases from Penalty
Beautiful line from Gab finding space through centres leads to .....
2 Finlay
3 Finlay - Zug Penalty Oli takes into ruck and Finlay picks to run over
4 Oli - from Zug half Raph carries 40m 2 phases Oli collects for try
1 Zurich - penalty at ruck to Zurich and advantage against Paul for offside zug missing first tackles
5 Finlay - from Zug 22 Oli winning ball pushing over Zurich ruck to steal

Second half
6 Cian - from Zug half after 2 phases in the centre
7 Gabriel - pass from Finlay after strong run from winning a maul in centre of the pitch
8 Paul - Ruck ball won after Zurich scrum, fast ball to centres and Paul runs 30m diagonal
9 Finlay - catch and run from kick off
2 Zurich second try
10 Finlay - from penalty on Zurich 22
11 Paul - from Zurich scrum against the head in Zug half
12 Alex - from Finlay’s shoulder running support for Finlay from own half

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Match details

Match date

Sun 07, Oct 2018



Meet time



Location: Sport Center Fluntern - Zurichbergstrasse 196 -
Parking – please use the parking for the ZOO. It is pay and display
Pitch – at the back and it is Astro turf – so kids please wear appropriate clothing (leggings), Molded studs only
TIMES: Meet -Please get there at 10.30 to run through some moves! Tournament starts at 12pm.
Matches – Probably 12-aside, if we get enough we can also do some 15’s
Changing rooms – there is the use of the sport center changing rooms and showers