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International Tickets

International Tickets

7.1 The sale of tickets for international matches at Twickenham is strictly regulated by the Rugby Football Union, who apply sanctions both to individuals and to clubs for any breaches of RFU regulations. The Club will therefore only supply international tickets strictly subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the Rugby Football Union.

7.2 The Club views the allocation of international tickets as a privilege and therefore accords preference to Full Members ie to those who are active in volunteer roles or are current regular playing Members and who are Rugby affiliates. Membership subscriptions must be fully paid at the time of application.

7.3 The option provided by the RFU for Clubs to sell surplus tickets to licensed hospitality providers can be a significant source of revenue for general benefit. For this reason, the Club will not necessarily make its full allocation of tickets available to members, although in principle the Club will seek to ensure that all active participating members have an opportunity to enjoy the Twickenham Experience.

7.4 Each member who qualifies under 7.2 is entitled to apply for one ticket for personal use. Applications for an additional ticket for a companion or up to three companions will be considered, depending on circumstances. The Club will usually limit the number of tickets allowed to a maximum of four, and to only two when demand is high. The Club may also limit application to a single match.

7.5 Where a pre-existing sponsorship agreement is in place and there is a long-standing interest and involvement in Club activities, sponsors are eligible to apply for tickets under the same conditions as those given at 7.4. The payment of sponsorship is not to be construed as conferring any entitlement to the supply of international tickets. Any tickets allocated must be paid for at face value.

7.6 The names and contact details of each person for whom a request is made must be provided at the time of application. The date of birth of any Juniors (aged under 16 at the time of the match) must be given

7.7 Once supplied, tickets remain under the control of the Club and may not under any circumstances be transferred or offered for re-sale to anyone else. If a member is unable to attend an international as intended, the ticket or tickets must be returned to the Club’s Ticket Secretary.
7.8 If requests outnumber our allocation in any category, applicants will be offered alternatives at a higher or lower price if available.

7.9 All tickets must be paid for in full at the time the allocation is confirmed. Each ticket is subject to an administration charge of £5.

7.10 For some matches, tickets can be returned for a refund. For others, Members have to accept that if they are unable to attend they will forfeit any payment made.

7.11 The interpretation of any of the rules relating to the provision of tickets and the resolution of any dispute over ticket allocation will be decided by members of the Council of Management.

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