Clubmark (2 pages)

During the Summer of 2014 a lot of hard work finally came to fruition as Thrumpton Cricket Club received official ECB Clubmark Accreditation status. The ECB continues to work with Sport England on the pioneering club accreditation scheme ‘Clubmark’

Constitution & Codes of Conduct (3 pages)

THRUMPTON CRICKET CLUB CONSTITUTION 1) Name The name of the Club is Thrumpton Cricket Club, hereafter to be referred to as “the club” and the club shall be affiliated to the England and Wales Cricket Board through the Nottinghamshire Cricket Bo

Committee Meetings & AGM's (12 pages)

THRUMPTON CRICKET CLUB Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 30th August 2011 at The Pavilion Thrumpton Present: Rae Shaw (Chair), Steve Pick (Secretary), Jordan Thelen, Steve Weightman, Mark Sampson, Stuart Basford, Mark Priestley, Ray Smith

Life Members & Vice Presidents (1 page)

Life Members I.L. Adkin P. Basford J. Dewsbury L. Gant H. Pick A.R. Priestley Honorary Vice Presidents R.A. Pick Esq (Former Nottinghamshire CCC Professional - ECB & International Coach) Vice Presidents I. Adkin B. Alexander S. Alexa

Honours List (2 pages)

Centuries that the club have on record over the years. Apologies to the legendary Bob Pick as records in the 1960-80 era are sparse and without doubt he has many more to add to the total 1S Weightman20 2R Pick9 3M Weightman9 4R Smithson6 5T Rye5

The travels of the Thrumpton Cap (26 pages)

An anonymous e mail arrived today to the website.It reads "Burnsys door being slightly ajar was all the invitation I needed to make the break for it" "As I lay there in a box of fellow Badger caps at Paul Burns house I started thinking ...........

"Where are they now" (8 pages)

Andrew Footitt - Thrumpton Cricket Club 1976-1995 Andrew, or NOOKY as he was affectionately known, was an all-rounder who scored two hundreds and numerous fifties batting in the middle order for Thrumpton and had best bowling figures of 9-55 against Pa

History of the Club (10 pages)

This section of the website is about the history of Thrumpton Cricket Club. The first recorded game is in 1867 and the club is now in its 144th year. At the moment the material for the early years is very hard to obtain. As bits and pieces come in this s

Obituaries (9 pages)

Mr George Seymour of Thrumpton Hall was a great supporter, benefactor and President of the club from 1949. He was also a member of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club and the MCC, but the village club enjoyed much of his time amidst a wide variety of publ

About The Village (4 pages)

Thrumpton Hall is a magnificant mansion originally built in the 16th century but greatly transformed in the early 17th century by the Pigott family. Two notable features are a beautifully carved staircase and an exquisite double-cube reception

Champagne Moments (7 pages)

Over the years in Cricket players will always remember the sweetly timed "On Drive" they played that went effortlessly to the boundary for six runs off the best bowler in the league. They will always remember when coming on to bowl, the outswinging of

The Opening of the Ground at Thrumpton (1 page)

When the club lost its former ground on Church Lane at the end of the 1967 season. Mr Seymour immediately offered the use of his park and since 1967 the ground has matured into one of the most picturesque in the County. Below is the letter regarding t

Thrumpton & Barton 1828-1879 (25 pages)

Fixtures, Reports and Scorecards 1828-1879 Oct 28th 1828 Barton Elm Treev Clifton (Scorecard) Oct 25th 1842 Barton v Garbythorpe (Fixture) Jun 28th 1844 Long Eaton v Barton Elm Tree(Scorecard) Sep 22nd 1852 Clifton v Barton (Scorecard) jul 23rd 1

Thrumpton 1880-1889 (11 pages)

Fixtures, Reports and Scorecards 1880-1889 1st July 1882 Barton 25 v Chilwell Amateurs 42 (Score) 16th Sep 1882 St James 95 Barton 43 (Score) 19th Sep 1882 Barton & Thrumpton 41 v Gotham 68 (Scorecard) 3rd Aug 1883 Chilwell Utd 124 v Thrumpton

Thrumpton 1890-1899 (11 pages)

Fixtures, Reports & Scorecards 1890-1899 18th July 1891 Barton 66 Long Eaton Baptists 27-2 (Score) 29th May 1892 Thrumpton 51 Mount Tabor 22 (Scorecard) 4th June 1892 Clifton 43 Barton 25 (Scorecard) 4th July 1892 Long Eaton Baptists 86 v Barto

Thrumpton 1912 (1 page)

Thrumpton Cricket Club 1912 The picture shows the 1912 team of Thrumpton Cricket Club. Please click on it to enlarge. Thanks goes to Chief Archivist James Roe for his persistence in scrolling the records to find the full team. With it being 2 years bef

Thrumpton 1920-29 (11 pages)

1920 Thrumpton28Kingston Dairy70Score 1920 Gotham15Thrumpton39Score 22-May-20Thrumpton56LE YMCA129Scorecard 1920Kegworth28Thrumpton70Score 1920Thrumpton43Normanton88Score 1920Normanto

Thrumpton 1940-49 (10 pages)

Thrumpton Friendly Fixtures & Results May-18Clifton Miners Inst.107-7Thrumpton50L Shaw 19Scorecard Jul-13Formans AthleticThrumpton Aug-11Boots Athletic98-9Thrumpton63A Pepper 22*Scorecard Barton Friendly Fixtures & Results Jul-06Barton69P

Thrumpton 1950-59 (10 pages)

Thrumpton Cricket Club 1950 President: Hon. G Seymour Esq Vice Presidents: Mr FW Anthony, Mr A Small, Mr R Cursham, Mrs J Smith, Mr R Horobin, Mr G Towers, Mr S Jones, Mr CW Towers, Mr F Priestley, Mr FW Towers, Mrs FW Towers, Mr T Stapleton, Mr J S

Thrumpton 1960-69 (10 pages)

Officials for 1960 Club President Hon. Mr G Seymour Vice Presidents Mrs B Smith Mr S Chettle Mr Porter Mr C Moore Mr C Towers Mr R Horobin Mr A Small Mr & Mrs JTowers Mr F Priestley Mr Porter Mr R Cursham Captain Mr

Thrumpton 1970-79 (10 pages)

Officials for 1970 Club President Hon. Mr G Seymour Vice Presidents Mr & Mrs F Towers Mr J Smith Mr F Priestley Mr R Horobin Mr A Small Mr S Shaw Mrs S Shaw Mr C Brooks Mr J Clarke Saturday Captain Mr R Pick Sunday Captai

Thrumpton 1980-89 (10 pages)

Officials for the 1980 season President Hon. Mr G Seymour Vice Presidents Mrs B Smith Mr Porter Mr C Moore Mr C Towers Mr R Horobin Mr A Small Mr & Mrs Towers Mr F Priestley Mr S Chettle Mrs M Small ELECTION OF OFFICERS 1980

Thrumpton 1990-99 (10 pages)

Officials for the 1990 season President Mr G Seymour Treasurer Mr W Pepper General Secretary Mrs M Shaw Fixture Secretary Mr R Priestley Social Committee Mr M Priestley Mr L Selby Mr G Wood Vice Presidents Mr R Vaulkard Mrs M Sha

Thrumpton 2000-09 (10 pages)

CLUB STATISTICS 2000 PlWLRuns ForWktsAveRuns AgainstWktsAve 1stXI15105226811020.64209311717.89 2ndXI1789195311616.84217711718.61 Evening XI9549044022.608963327.15 Sunday XI1511526678830.31227512717.91 Totals563423779235422.01744139418.89 IN


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