Truro City Football Club Established in 1889 - We are the White Tigers

Truro Supporters Trust.

Chairman: Jacob Englefield
Vice-Chairman: Adam Baker
Secretary: Lisa Hawley
Treasurer: Lisa Hawley (acting)
Membership Secretary: Jeff Wilde
Communications Secretary: (vacant)
Events Secretary: (vacant)
Travel Secretary: Barry Milligan
General Committee 1: Alan James
General Committee 2: John Paul Creba

Trust Update

With the Trust now up and running I felt that you the fans needed to be aware of our progress so far since it’s inception.
The task of setting up the organisation has proved challenging and time consuming but to make it a success for everyone associated at the club it will be worth it for all concerned.
One of the many objectives we sought to set up and for a lot of supporters was vital for the Trust was to have constructive dialogue with the Club.
On 8th August we met with the Club and their representatives Alex Black & Jack Richards, the outcome is that the Trust will meet every month to discuss ideas and any matters raised by you the supporters.
It is very important and encouraging to have this in place and we look forward to have a very healthy relationship.
The season is underway and Trust membership forms will be available at all home and away games, our membership Secretary Jacob will be at the game on Saturday but please call at our shop where the forms will also be available.
Also we hope to have a download on this page shortly.
Trust officials will also be at the games again around the Clubs short or walking around, if you have any questions or ideas you wish to discuss please seek me out or others at the ground.
We will always try and give you the answers but if something needs looking into we will find the information and get back to you.
As I have already mentioned Alan James has set up the Trusts shop all profits will be put into the Trust where it will be invested towards improving your match day experience.
Finally I hope that with this insight , you can see that we are trying to set up a solid structure for everyone that supports this great Club.

Robin Netherton


On the evening of Thursday 19th September, Robin Netherton resigned from his position as Chairman of the Truro Supporters Trust due to personal and health reasons. Whilst we are going to respect Robin's privacy and not divulge any more information, I'm sure you'd all like to join us in wishing Robin all the very best for his future endeavours. I'm sure we'll all be seeing him at some time in the future back at Treyew Road.

As a result of Robin's resignation, and after conversations between senior figures of the Trust and those at the Football Supporters Association (FSA), Jacob Englefield (Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary) will be taking over from Robin with immediate effect.

We'd like to put everyone's minds at rest and ensure it's business as usual within the Trust. Each member of the committee is working hard to ensure this journey we are all on will be a successful one.


On Monday a very constructive committee meeting was held in Truro. We also had the pleasure of welcoming Richard Irving from the Football Supporters Association (Network Manager - Community Owned Clubs). Richard made the effort to travel down from North London to give his professional guidance and advice on how we move forward as a Trust. To that effect, the committee made a number of key decisions that we wish to share with you, the fans.

Vacant Committee Positions

As many of you will be aware, last week Robin Netherton unfortunately had to tender his resignation as Chairman of the Trust on personal and health grounds. It was formally agreed that the Vice Chairman (Jacob Englefield) would take on the role in the interim period. The committee then decided that, due to Jacob taking on this time consuming and challenging role, it would impact on his ability to carry out his role as Membership Secretary to the required standard. Jeff Wilde had previously expressed his interest in taking on this role. Following this, the committee decided to co-opt Jeff in to his new position as Membership Secretary. After these changes, it leaves roles that need filling. So we'd like to invite applications for the following positions; Vice Chairman and Communications Secretary. Anybody who wishes to put their name forward or wants a further chat on what each role entails, are asked to contact either Jacob Englefield or Lisa Hawley.

Away Travel

The Truro Supporters' Trust are an organisation who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that all financial dealings of the Trust need to be not just accounted for, but also operate with transparency. With this in mind, it's no longer possible for the Trust to use the current minibus as a means of travel to our away fixtures. As we believe the Trust isn't in a position to adhere to it's objectives (see at the end of this statement) with regards to travel, it is therefore with regret that we'll no longer be organising travel for the foreseeable future. As a result, we strongly encourage members and fans alike to make their own travel arrangements in future. Of course there is also the option of continuing to use the minibus. However, as this will now be ran independently from the Trust, we can no longer guarantee members will receive subsidised travel. Any prices for travel will be arranged and decided by those in charge of that arrangement.

The Fans - Structured Dialogue with the Football Club

Some fans will be able to recall the core objectives of the Trust. One of those is 'being the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of the Club'. In order to deliver on this objective, we feel it's absolutely imperative that the fans know how their issues will be raised via the Trust, before then being taken to the Football Club representatives in a transparent way that gives fans the opportunity to hear any feedback that may have been received from that meeting. Therefore, we'd like to advise any supporters that want their voices heard to please contact the Chairman, Jacob Englefield, and Secretary, Lisa Hawley. Following contact being made to either Jacob or Lisa, the subject will then be taken to the Trust committee for discussion. It will then be decided whether we bring the subject before the representatives of the Football Club, or we explore other options away from that. However, we'd like to make it crystal clear that any issues that are raised with the Trust, will be taken very seriously.


Whilst our membership base is steadily growing, we recognise that it perhaps isn't at a desirable rate. The committee would then urge all supporters to look at the objectives of the Trust, which were decided by the Steering Committee, and are also taken from the full set of rules. If they feel as though that the Trust are delivering on all these objectives, we'd then urge you to join the Trust on this journey and help strengthen our ability to deliver these objectives in the best way we feel we possibly can. For those who may want to have a second look on the objectives, they are posted below.

4.1. Being the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of the Club and strengthening the bonds between the Club and the communities which it serves.

4.2. Achieving the greatest possible supporter and community influence in the running and ownership of the Club.

4.3. Promoting responsible and constructive community engagement by present and future members of the communities served by the Club and encouraging the Club to do the same.

4.4. Operating democratically, fairly, sustainably, transparently and with financial responsibility and encouraging the Club to do the same.

4.5. Being a positive, inclusive and representative organisation, open and accessible to all supporters of the Club regardless of their age, income, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality or religious or moral belief.

If you believe that the Trust aren't delivering on these objectives and want to advise them on how best to do so moving forward, we'd more than welcome your input and look forward to hearing from you.



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