Sending an email

Public or private

  • Replies sent within 'Public' conversations are visible and notified to all recipients in the conversation.
  • Replies sent within 'Private' conversations are only visible to the sender of the original communication message, as well as any member with full access to the Communication section.

Members can send and receive both public and private messages within Pitchero.

The advantage of this is that you can tailor communication to the audience and occasion. As just one example, correspondence between committee members - i.e.) on sensitive financial or disciplinary matters - can be conducted privately.

Alternatively, publicly messaging players, teams, or even the whole club can be done effortlessly.

How to do this?

Just select Private - Replies can only be seen by admins or alternatively Public - Replies are sent to all members in this conversation.

You can reply to both public and private messages either directly from your email inbox, or through the Pitchero inbox on a computer, tablet or phone.

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