Constructing an Engaging News Item

News items are important. They represent a consistent level of communication between your club and its audience. Chances are, it will form the vast majority of traffic directed towards your club website.

Which makes it all the more vital that you’re able to engage readers on your site with informative news posts. The process of which is actually rather simple:

1. Choose a short, snappy headline.

In any piece of content, the headline is absolutely vital – and news items are no exception. The headline is your first opportunity to grab the notoriously impatient reader’s attention. A good headline can often be the difference losing a reader before they even bring and ensuring they read on.

Still, there is little need for distracting tabloid-like puns. Treat the headline as a an opportunity to summarise the story in just a few words, and try to use emotive language to stir an emotion in the reader.

2. Always write a tag line

Much like the headline, taglines are an opportunity to sell the story to readers early doors. Treat the tagline as an extension of the headline, summarising the story in as little as a sentence.

Make sure you’re using taglines in all your club’s news items, as it pulls through to provide more information on social media, as well as providing a better user experience for your readers.

3. Keep it simple

When it comes to news items, simplicity is the name of the game. When you watch the news on TV you don’t want extended, opinionated commentary or irrelevant ramblings – you just want the facts.

The same goes for your club’s news. There is no exact length any news item should be, so when you’ve communicated everything that needs to be said, then say no more. It may even help for you to bullet-point the details of the story before you start, then simply string them into coherent sentences and paragraphs.

A simple and informative article will translate into a better experience for your readers, leaving them happy to come back for future content.

4. Always use an image

All too often the impatient readers of online content will merely scan your content before deciding whether to read in further detail, so mixing up your media by using imagery is incredibly important. Every news item you create should have a relevant image pinned to the top.

It breaks up the otherwise tedious blocks of text, giving your content a lift that is guaranteed to translate into an increase in traffic.

Note: We have a number of stock images if you’re struggling to find a relevant image, but it’s always to try and find your own.

5. Be consistent and newsworthy

Building a regular stream of visitors to your site doesn’t come overnight, but posting regular news is one way of gaining more traction to your club website.

Ensure that all your latest goings-on are communicated on your club website. Doing this will place your club as an authority on your club’s latest news, and visitors will know exactly where to come for more.

Why news items are so important

Why does all this matter? Creating engaging news items on a consistent basis will lead to an increase in traffic, which in turn makes you a more attractive proposition for sponsors (thus increasing revenue).

Plus, creating unique and regular content helps your club website rank better in search engines. For more on that, check out our starters guide to Search Engine Optimisation.

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