Customise your Club Website with Pitchero Templates

Rather than settling for one structured shell for your club website, you can choose from a number of club website templates.

We currently have four templates to choose from - each of which bring their own set of features and benefits.

Note: Only clubs on the Standard and Pro Packages are able to choose form the four available templates. For clubs on the Basic and Starter Packages, your club website is limited to a default template - however you are able to preview what your club website would look like using one of the homepage templates.



A classic design that gives you everything, the Original gives you flexibility and versatility. Featuring a headline slider, any club website on the original template can attach a number of custom images and messages that each and every visitor will see as soon as they hit the site. That slider is surrounded by the latest team results, and a welcome area you can populate with quick links to other areas of the site.

The Original also features a customisable activity feed. Depending on what content you regularly produce, you can adjust what gets prioritised on the site.

Case Study: Chiddingfold Cricket Club

For a great exponent of the Original template, head to Chiddingfold's club website. They utilise the homepage slider to promote important information about the club, such as how to join the club or where to buy your club kit.

A rotating slider of club sponsors sits on the right, showcasing a number of sponsors and allowing them to sell that website space at a premium.

Note: All clubs begin on the Original template, but those on the Basic or Standard Packages are restricted to just this one template.



This particular template places real emphasis on a consistent stream of content relating to your club. For clubs that create a lot of good, varied content - this template will post a significant number of articles and keep them easily accessible as you scroll down the homepage.

Plus, you can promote an individual article as the headline of your website, and keep it there for as long as you need to communicate it to your members.

Case Study: Kettering Rugby Football Club

A great exponent of the feed template comes from Kettering RFC. As you scroll down their homepage, you'll notice how regularly they post news items, match reports and other important pieces of content to all their visitors.

Adding another layer of depth to Kettering's site, they post their club events, sponsors, fixtures, tables, results and social channels down the right of the page - providing visitors with everything they need to catchup on the latest goings on at the club.

Media Centre


In Media Centre, you'll notice a slightly different template to the other three, and it certainly brings a number of advantages to clubs that produce a lot of high quality video or imagery.

Content takes centre stage in Media Centre, as a bunch of articles are held towards the top of the homepage (and you can fully customise what type of content appears at the top of your activity feed). If you're a club that produces video or a lot of images, the Media Centre is the best way to showcase it all without anything else getting in the way.

Case Study: Reading Hockey Club

For a stunning club website using the Media Centre template, feast your eyes on Reading Hockey Club. Enter their club website and you'll instantly see a headline article, plus four of their most recent pieces of content and accompanying headline image.

In media centre, stats like match fixtures and results and social streams are held further down the homepage, allowing Reading to predominantly inform their readers with news items or visual content such as photos and video.



Your club website should be the informational hub of news, fixtures and more - and you can showcase it all on the Headliner template.

Headliner takes your latest six pieces of content and creates a club news slider that sits right at the top of your club website. For checking in on the biggest stories going on at your club, the Headliner provides a great opportunity for your visitors to instantly see it all.

Case Study: Farsley Celtic FC

For a club website that takes full advantage of the Headliner template, check out Farsley Celtic FC. Their sliding carousel of content rotates news items covering their senior and junior teams, allowing everyone to get a stay informed on the latest news no matter their team.

Alongside content, the latest results, tables and sponsors are not far away in the in the match centre below. And again, all of Farsley's team info is held their, allowing all their members to use the homepage to get what they need.


Get a club website as impressive as these

Each of the clubs mentioned above have used exactly the same templates available to you to create distinctive websites that help drive their club forward.

Head to Settings > Homepage Design to take a look at your template options, and read on for more info on submitting your own design request.

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