Adding a Field

You should add a new field for any data that you need to store about your members.

This might be an emergency contact for players, medical information or code of conduct agreement from members.

All fields are fully customisable to your club, so you can collect whatever data you require.

To add a new field, access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Membership’ tab, then select ‘Fields’ from the left-hand menu.

Click the green ‘Add Field’ button.


Here, you can choose from a list of popular fields (Telephone Number, Address, etc.) or click the grey ‘Create your own field’ button to add a completely custom field.

If you choose to create your own field, give the field a name, a short name and a description. The name and description are what your members will see, whereas the short name is the title of the column in your membership database.


The ‘Type of field’ box is the format you want your data to be collected in. You can choose to collect data via:

  • Text field single line: For fields that require a short answer (e.g. a name).
  • Text field paragraph: For fields that may require a longer answer (e.g. medical condition).
  • Drop down menu: For fields where your members can choose one answer from a long list (e.g. shirt size).
  • Radio Buttons: For fields where your members can choose one answer from a short list (e.g. a yes/no question)

The ‘Who can view/edit?’ option gives you the choice to choose whether the field is completed by members or club admins:

  • Club admins and members: For fields where you wish to collect data directly from members (e.g. contact info or medical conditions).
  • Only club admins: For fields where you wish to keep data for club records only (e.g. event attendance or skill level).

If you want members to provide data for your new field when they submit their membership details, use the ‘Is the field mandatory?’ option.

Attaching the field to the member registration forms.

The final option when creating a new field for your database is whether you want to show this field in your Club Signup Form.


The signup form is the list of fields that all members complete when they register to join your club website.

You can attach different fields to the registration forms of different membership roles. This allows you to create a range of forms to collect data specific to particular groups of members.

Clicking the ‘Show in signup form?’ button will allow you choose which member groups you would like to complete your new custom field. You can select multiple options if the field is applicable to multiple roles.

You’ll notice that under the Parent option is another option called “Their children”. Selecting this box will mean that when parents complete this new field, the data will be stored against their child's record within your database.


To learn more about registration forms, click here

Finally, to complete the adding a field process, click the green 'Save' button.

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