Importing the Data

After the upload has completed, the first thing you need to do is match the columns in your spreadsheet to the columns in your database.

Provided you have not added, removed or renamed any of the columns in your spreadsheet, the spreadsheet should always match. You can then move to the next step.

If however the columns do not match, click the column title and from the drop-down select the matching field from your database.


If all columns between the spreadsheet and database match, they will be highlighted green. Once they are green, click ‘Next Step’.

Then you will need to take a minute to review each row of data that will be imported.

Green triangles in the top right corner of a cell indicate new data will be uploaded.


If you spot an error, you can click the grey 'Back' button, or use the ‘Skip?’ tick box to remove a row from the import. This means the data in that row will not be uploaded.

When you are happy with the data that will be uploaded, click the green ‘Import Data’ button.

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