Update your Membership Data

When you have created your new fields and completed the design of your membership database, your members should begin updating their details.

New Members

Collecting data from new members is easy and can be done when they join the website, but only if the registration form includes the required fields. See Fields.

Existing Members

If the members are already listed in the club database an email can be sent requesting they review and update their details.


To do this, access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Membership’ tab, then select ‘Membership Database’ from the left-hand menu.


Click the selection box next to the member you wish to send an email to. To select all members, click the selection box in the top row of the database. This will select all the members displayed on the current page (a maximum of 50).

If you have more than fifty members, you must click the link that appears at the top of the page to select all the members listed in your database.


Next, click the grey ‘Prompt to update information’ button located underneath the database search bar.

You can choose to add a note to your email to give the message a personalised touch.


Click ‘Preview Email’ to see an example of how the email will look. When you are happy, click the ‘Send prompts’ button.

Please Note

  • You can only send prompts to registered members (those who have registered with the club website).
  • Clubs are restricted to sending prompts once every 7 days.
  • If you send a prompt to a member who has not confirmed their email address, the prompt will still be sent. If the member clicks on a link within the email, their receiving email status will change to ‘Yes’.
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