Payment Status

A status is given to each payment so a club can track where that payment is, in the payment lifecycle.

A breakdown of each status is listed below:


  • A payment has been made, you must now wait for the money to clear from the customer's account.


  • The payment has been successfully debited from the customer's account.
  • It is being held by GoCardless, pending a withdrawal to the club.


  • The payment has been paid to the club.
  • This takes up to one business day to reach the merchant's bank account.


  • The payment could not be debited from a customer's account.
  • This is normally due to insufficient funds in the customer's account.


  • The payment was cancelled by the club or customer before it was submitted to the bank.


  • The payment was refunded to the customers bank account.
  • The refunded amount will be recovered from future payments to the club.

Part Paid

  • The customer has paid part of the bill amount.
  • Usually only applies to manually added payments.


  • The customer has an active subscription to your recurring product.

Also note: The club member is the customer and the club is the merchant.

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