Managing Access


Quick Answer

  • To view your members’ access, login to your Club Control Panel.
  • Click the Settings tab.
  • Select Manage Access from the left-hand menu.

The Manage Access page allows the primary Webmaster to quickly view which members have access to individual sections within the Club Control Panel.

From here, it is easy to extend or limit a member’s access.

For instance, your club Treasurer may require full access to the ‘Payments’ and ‘Packages’ sections of your Club Control Panel, but not the ‘Teams’ section.

Pitchero provides two types of access:

  • Full Access - Members have the ability to view and control all content within a specified section.
  • Limited Team Access - Members have the ability to view and edit content and member information solely related to a specific team.

‘Limited Team Access’ grants a Team Admin access to the following sections:

  • Site Content - for posting team news items.
  • Teams - to add or edit content for their team.
  • Membership - to add or edit members associated with their team.
  • Communication - to email members of their team.
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