Manage Availability & Team Selection (For Coaches & Team Admins)

Team Selection Prompts

Team admins are notified when each and every player confirms their selection for an upcoming game.

For any admin who selected the team, mobile notifications (for those with the Team Manager app) will be sent as soon as a player has confirmed or declined selection.

In addition, admins will be sent periodic emails detailing which players have confirmed or declined selection since the last update.


Once any team selection has been published to players or all members, each player selected for that game will be sent a reminder to confirm selection for that match.

Those with the Pitchero iOS app will be sent a push notification.


Everyone else will receive an email. A further email reminder will be sent to all players yet confirm selection 24 hours later.

Note: The whole system is entirely automated- Team Admins do not have to send any of these selection prompts themselves. Similarly, you will receive team selection updates automatically.

For guidance on making team selections in the Team Manage app, click here.
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