Team Admins


Quick Answer

  • To add a new Team Admin, login to your Club Control Panel.
  • Click the Membership tab and select the Membership Database.
  • Search for the member you wish to make a Team Admin.
  • Click their name and select the Roles tab.
  • Tick the Team Admin box and choose the team from the drop-down.
  • Click Save to finish.

About Team Admins

A Team Admin is a coach, team manager or volunteer who updates team content within the club website.

A Team Admin only has access to information specific to their team.

Example: Bob Smith is a Team Admin of the U14's. He can only access and update content related to the U14's.

Via the club control panel, Bob may update the following information, and nothing else:

  • U14's - team info
  • U14's - fixtures & results
  • U14's - match reports and player statistics
  • U14's - availability and team selection
  • U14's - team news
  • U14's - membership
  • U14's - communication

To make the most of Pitchero, we recommend 2 - 3 Team Admins per team.

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