2nd XI - Match center

Southend & Benfleet Hockey Club
Chelmsford 5
Sat 3 Nov 12:30 - League Full time

Super 2s back to winning ways


Report by Katie Keppel

Southend & Benfleet 2nd XI: 1 (Hannah Tooze)
Chelmsford 5th XI: 0

Canon fire could be heard over the S&B home ground this weekend as Captain Louise Marsack lined her team up pre-game to dish out yet more play tactics and strategies. The Super 2s knew that this game would be a hard fight, and boy did it play out that way! As the starting whistles (or pistols) blew the Super 2’s charged forward with speed and might. Determined to get an early goal and upper hand on the rivals, S&B’s ‘forceful’ double trouble forwards, Chloe and Claire King continually hammered the Chelmsford backline with some cracking shots on goal. Supporting the forwards and providing a bit of fast pace to game was tornado Hannah Tooze and lightening Lily Cole who seemed to take great delight in putting pressure on the Chelmsford team by powering some great balls up into the Chelmsford half.

Chelmsford tried to counter attack the S&B army by playing a few long passes down the pitch, desperately trying to find their forwards. However, the opposition was no match against the strength of the S&B backline who picked these shots up quickly and sent the ball flying back into the Chelmsford side of the pitch. Determination was growing stronger for the S&B Super 2s as they marched forward even more pressing and squeezing the Chelmsford team back into their 25. A short corner was awarded against Chelmsford when a foot was found inside the D. As the S&B army lined up, strategies in place, hunger in the players eyes, Lionel Richie ringing in their ears as if the goal was calling them, ‘Hello. Is it me you are looking for?’ The injection was made, the double trouble Kings faked a cross over which seemed to confuse the Chelmsford defence, Lightening Cole ran to the post pulling a marks man with her and Tornado Tooze smashed the ball into the oppositions backboard.
Final score S&B 1 – Chelmsford – 0
POM Chloe King

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