Sending an email

Sending a Message

Access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Communication’ tab.

Click the green ‘Compose’ button on the right-hand side of the page.


Complete the subject line and message, choose your recipients then select whether to send the message 'Public' or 'Private'.


Click the grey ‘Select Members’ button to choose the recipients of your message.


In the overlay, tick the members that you wish to send the message to.

You can use the filter options on the right-hand side to narrow down your search, or search for individual members by name using the search box at the top.


To select all members in your current filtered list, tick the box to the left of the ‘First name’ header at the top of the page.

This will select all members displayed on the current page. If the current list contains more than 100 members, click the link that appears at the top of the page to select all members, including those not displayed on the current page.


Once you have selected all your recipients, click the green ‘Done’ button.

When you are happy with the message, click the green ‘Send Message’ button.


Please note:

The composer of a message sent through communication, will not receive a copy (even if the composer is included in the list of recipients).

If you are trying to send a test message, send the test to another user and contact them to confirm that they have received the email.

Top Tips:

  • Click the grey ‘Preview Message’ button to see what the message looks like before sending it.
  • Add a Sponsor logo to your message for added impact and value to a club sponsors.
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