Top Tips

Top Tips

Whether explaining tactics on the field, talking to corporate partners or managing day-to-day administration, there is a skill to getting it right.

But what’s so difficult about communication? That depends on whether you want a response and an action at the end of all that hard work you’re putting in.

  • Audience: Always think of your audience first and foremost. Tailor how you communicate to them. Filter your email audience rather than 'bulk' send.

  • Format: Is it a chatty email about a social event or a formal announcement? If all players are linked in Pitchero to a club, nudging them about overdue subs is easy.

  • Tone: How you connect with junior players, adults, parents, coaches and sponsors should differ. You want them to understand and pay attention.

  • Timing: In an ideal world, consider when the best time is to send emails, actions points or documents. So many things jostle for our attention but being canny when you click ‘send’ could make all the difference.

  • Simplicity: Be clear and concise. You understand what you mean but others won't. Tailor your vocabulary and language to your audience.

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