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    5 Things you can do to Design a great Club Website

    We know how important it is for grassroots clubs to mould their own identity. Your a club with its own unique home, unique players and unique membership. A Pitchero club website is all about taking your club's identity online and shouting about it.

    Given that your website will soon grow into the go-to resource on everything going on at the club, its vital to create a design that speaks volumes about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

    Thankfully, here at Pitchero we have that covered. Head to Settings > Homepage Design in the club control panel and dive into the design tools at your disposal. Soon you'll have a club website that looks the part.

    1. Choose your template

    Your first design choice comes in the form of templates. To help give your website layout a dash of personalisation, we have a total of four templates to choose from: Original, Feed, Media Centre and Headliner.

    Before you decide, you can preview each of the available options and see what it might look like on your homepage. For more info what each of the templates brings and examples of club websites that use them, head to "Customise your Club Website with Pitchero Templates."

    Don't worry if you change your mind, you're free to change your template at any point and test out how you and your members like the available options.

    Note: All clubs on the Standard and Pro Packages are able to choose form the four available templates. For clubs on the Basic and Starter Packages, your club website is limited to a default template - however you are able to preview what your club website would look like using one of the homepage templates.

    2. Inject some identity

    With your website kick-started and your template chosen, it's time to bring your club online.

    Upload your club logo and colours to bring to start of the process of making your website a true reflection of your club. Other simple homepage design wins are uploading your League Banner and relevant affiliations such as National Governing board.

    These tiny yet significant improvements add a layer of professionalism to your club website alongside adding that all important integrity and status to your club's online presence.

    3. Customise your layout

    Rather than having to stick to one stringent layout for each template, you're also able to delve a little deeper and customise exactly what appears on your homepage. Every club is able to customise a number of sections on your homepage, each of which can alter the design and layout of various content on your site.

    Get started by altering your site's side skins. You can either stick with a solid colour that matches your club's colours, or upload a custom photo or image. Elsewhere, you can upload website images to rotate at the top of your club website, edit your activity feed to prioritise particular content, or choose between displaying fixtures, results or league tables down the right column.

    These simple template customisations are available to each and every club. For those on the Standard or Pro Package, your options for customisation are considerably greater. Head to "Customise your Club Website with Pitchero Templates" to find out more.

    4. Submit a design request

    Let's face it, sometimes the vision we sculpt in our minds is hard to bring to life. If reality never quite matches your Picasso levels of imagination, then help is at hand!

    Your club website could soon look slick and professionally courtesy of a custom design from our in-house design team.

    Every club on the Standard and Pro Packages can submit a design request, where you work with our design team to give your club website a lift. Check out the Pitchero Showcase for some examples of club creatives, and head to Settings > Design Request to submit your own.

    5. Add some content

    It's all well and good spending hours making your club website look the part, but if its filled with nothing but blank spaces then your club website is unlikely to impress anyone. One piece of advice that rings true at every stage of your club website setup is create a stream of consistent and relevant content.

    Marry the two tenants of a great design and a body of news, match reports and visual content, and you're well on your way to club website utopia.

    Note: We also have a series of guides on creating engaging, interesting content to attract a steady stream of visitors to your club website.

    Why your club needs a great design

    Theres a lot more to having a great looking website than just the visuals.

    Having a professional club website actually feeds directly into a number of excellent benefits - which we've compiled in the following blog post.

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