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Why your Club needs its own Domain Name

When you first sign-up to your Pitchero club website, you'll notice the URL (the web address of that website) is hosted on Pitchero's domain.

Alternatively, each and every club can adopt their own custom domain, removing the Pitchero URL and showcasing your own unique domain name.

Hosting your own domain name on a Pitchero club website could not be simpler, in fact it can all be done in minutes in your club control panel.

We do all the leg work in switching your club's domain, and the result brings a handy bunch of benefits.

Why Switch?

Clubs on unique, custom domains give themselves the best chance of maximising their website traffic when compared to those on a Pitchero URL.

A trio of factors contribute to boosting site traffic through a custom domain:

1. Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Search Engines such as Google and Bing want to provide their customers with the best information from sources that deemed trustworthy and serious about what they provide.

One factor that provides that trustworthiness is a custom domain. Some argue that websites that were intent on being an authority on the subject of their site (in your case that means your club) need a custom domain in order to command that authority.

A custom domain places you site as the unique and sole holder of the URL you need to become the go-to website for matters on your club.

Note: For more helpful hints and tips on how to improve your search engine rankings, check out our SEO guide.

2. A more memorable Domain

For your players, members and supporters, a custom domain name can really help make your site more memorable, and translate into more visitors to your site.


Rather than a sub-domain pinned onto the end of, a custom domain is much easier to remember. A more memorable domain keeps your site at the forefront of user's minds.

3. Add professionalism and Identity to you club website

Ultimately, you want your club website to represent the values and identity your club has spent years developing. To bring that identity online, a custom domain gives you absolute authority over that URL across the entire world wide web.

A custom domain helps your club website stand out from the crowd, adding professionalism and individualism to your club website.

Switching to a custom domain

A no-brainer then right?

In just a few short minutes, your club website can be on a custom domain, and you can do it all from the comfort of your club control panel.

Head to our "Really Easy Guide to Getting your Custom Domain" to find out how.

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