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    9 Simple Steps to getting your Club Website up and Running

    If you’re reading this guide, then chances are you’ve just setup your club website. So first of all, welcome to Pitchero!

    You’ve got a plethora of great features at your fingertips, and we can help you take those first steps to creating a website that forms the backbone of your entire club.

    1. Get a look that’s right

    On this path to perfect club website glory, design is likely to be one of your highest priorities. Your website can encapsulate everything that is good about your community sports club, so getting the look and feel exactly right is key.


    Ensure your website looks the part by uploading logos, mottos and other symbols that represent your club and arranging them into the website header and side panels.

    If website design really isn’t your strong point, work closely with our design team and we can bring your site to life. Submit a design request and we can build you a custom design. For your club, it could open a number of exciting benefits.

    Note: Free design requests can be made every 12 months for all clubs on the standard and pro packages by heading to Settings > Homepage Design > Design Request in the club control panel

    2. Populate your site

    Your website is going to become the focal point of the on-going success of your club. As a communicative tool for keeping all your supporters, players and members updated on the latest news, the club website is ideal.


    Making and creating match reports and news items is simple with Pitchero – and you’ve the perfect subject to get started with. Go ahead and publish your first bit of news about your club’s latest signing, a brand new website.

    3. Get everyone on board

    The club website will soon become the epicentre of everything good about your club both on and off the pitch, but that can only happen with the full support of your club members.

    A Pitchero site allows you to house all your players, supporters, parents and staff in one centralised database. There, you can communicate with them directly, assign specific payments that can be made online (more on that in point 5), and select players for upcoming matches.

    4. Update your club wherever you are

    Coaches and managers can directly message players, add parents to the database and ensure team communication stays on top form any time, anywhere. You can also add live match scores and create video highlights that go online in seconds! Download today on iOS or Android.


    P.S. There's also the Pitchero Club app for players, parents and fans, to keep up-to-date with the latest club news and events.

    5. Open some revenue streams

    A Pitchero site can help your club increase revenue in a number of ways; so get acquainted with some of our revenue-boosting features.

    Create payments for your club members to your revenue streams off the ground. Ditch the old-hat methods of chasing players for subs and drowning under a mountain of IOUs by using our simple online payments system.

    Players can pay their club fees such annual membership and matchday subs via direct debit, and you as a club can keep track exactly what each member has paid.

    For another easy revenue boosting win, sign up for easyfundraising. Register your club with easyfundraising and you can earn donations from over 2,700 retailers every time you and all your club members shop online.

    6. Ramp up your sponsorship

    Another major factor in raising revenue for your club will undoubtedly be sponsorship. Take Chiddingfold Cricket Club for example, who have incorporated a number of major sponsors into their homepage.


    A Pitchero club site can give your club a major lift when attracting sponsors; showcase each of them on your site, boosting their visibility online and helping you land more lucrative sponsorship deals in the future.

    7. Purchase a club domain

    Make your club site more unique and easier to find in search engines by purchasing your own club domain.

    It’s really easy to give your club website a more professional feel by securing a suitable domain. Head to Settings > Custom Domain in your club dashboard and follow the simple process.


    A Shortened and simpler domain will give your members a more memorable URL for them to remember, boosting traffic and giving your site an air of professionalism

    8. Link up your social streams

    By now, you’re club is likely to have all the major social channels such as Twitter and Facebook. With Pitchero, you can fully integrate your streams into the site – adding more variety to the homepage and pointing visitors towards your social presence.

    Head to Settings > Social Accounts to hook up your Facebook and Twitter pages, and make sure they are switched on by heading to “Homepage Design” in the Settings page of club dashboard.

    9. Tell the world

    You're almost all set in your journey towards club website glory. All that’s left is to bring the world to your club.

    Your Pitchero site will be the first place people come to check your club out, so use it as the hub of all that is good about the work your club and its dedicated members do every single day.

    Need a hand? Contact support

    Follow the various steps above, and you’ll soon have laid the groundwork for an excellent club website.

    For guidance or if you have any questions or queries, email support@pitchero.com or call 0113 292 6070.

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