Preparing a Spreadsheet

The Import tool allows clubs to upload the data of multiple members via a single Excel .CSV file, saving you the time and effort of adding members individually.

To import members, access your Club Control Panel and click the ‘Membership’ tab, then select ‘Import’ from the left-hand menu.

You will see a list of three steps on how to import members.


Step 1

First, if you already have members listed in your club website database, download your existing database by clicking ‘Download your membership', and open the file in Excel.


Step 2

Scroll down to the very last member in the spreadsheet and add the first member you are importing to a new row. You will see that each column in the spreadsheet has its own field (first name, last name, e-mail address, etc.). Make sure you add the data to the correct columns.


Key things to remember when adding data to your spreadsheet:

IMPORTANT - Please Note

  • The first column in the spreadsheet, ‘Member ID’, should be left blank. Pitchero will automatically assign a new member ID.
  • Where possible include an email address, as this will allow you to send an email invite to the member.
  • Any data fields (columns) that you wish to import must already exist as a field within your membership database. {Learn more}.

Step 3

Finally, save the spreadsheet as a .CSV file.

Go back to your Club Control Panel, and within the 'Import' section click 'Choose File' to select the file from you computer and click 'Upload'.

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